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Berkeley Half Marathon Ambassador, Round 2

Hello all!

Long time, yeah?! Just a quick update-I ran the San Francisco Half Marathon (recap pending!) on July 31st! Also, after a month long training program in the summer (hence the lack of blogging), I am officially teaching fitness classes! I love my job, but more on the later!

For the second year in a row, I scored an ambassadorship with the Berkeley Half Marathon!


This year, the race will take place on November 20th in (duh) Berkeley, CA. There are THREE distances to choose from: a half marathon, 10K and 5K. I am going to run the 10K this year, as I have never raced at that distance before! So, in the coming weeks I am going to be working a lot on speed an conditioning. Other runners have expressed their various grumbles challenges with the distance: too short to run at an “easy” pace, but too long to run at a 5K pace the entire time; however, I’m looking forward to trying something new! Who knows, as a middle-of-the-pack half marathoner/second-half-of-the-pack marathoner, perhaps the 10K will be my true calling! 😀

For those who are interested in running Berkeley with me, I have a discount for you! Use “BHM2016JAMIE” to save $10 off the half marathon or 10K, or “BHM2016JAMIE5K” to save $5 off the 5K. Hope to see you at the finish line!






The San Francisco Marathon 2016 Race Ambassador!

I am so happy to announce that I am returning as an ambassador this year for The San Francisco Marathon! This is my FAVORITE running event, and it is such an honor to represent such a world class (and fun!) race!


TSFM will be held on July 31, 2016 and offers multiple races distances-a full marathon, TWO half marathons, a 5K and even an ULTRA marathon. As an ambassador, I am able to offer registrants a discount: Use TSFM2016JAMIE to save $10 off the full marathon or either half marathon, and TSFM2016JAMIE5K for $5 off the 5K.

I want to help motivate as many as people as possible to line up with me on race day! I personally haven’t settled on which distance I will run, but right now I am leaning toward the First Half Marathon for several reasons.

First, I ran the Second Half Marathon last year, and running the First Half this year would qualify me for the Half It All Challenge medal. Additionally, if I then participate in the Berkeley Half Marathon in November, I will have completed the SF/Berkeley Challenge, which I missed out on in 2015. So more medals=better, amIright?

Second reason: the course runs over the Golden Gate Bridge.


Need I say more?

Lastly, Irish coffee at the finish line! Yes, this IS a motivating factor for me. I found that the mix of whiskey and caffeine give sore legs at the end of a race a much needed nudge to get you where you’re going! (A celebratory brunch? A nap? Both perhaps??).

But I haven’t fully committed to this specific race just yet, as each of the distances has something to offer. For instance, the Second Half Marathon is much less hilly and faster if you are itching for a PR! I’ve participated in TSFM every year since 2012, and have a collection of race reviews for anyone interested in more details about individual events:

TSFM Second Half 2015

TSFM Full Marathon 2014

TSFM First Half 2013

TSFM First Half 2012

If you live in the Bay Area and already consider yourself a runner, this event is a must! If you do not live in the Bay Area, San Francisco is a fantastic venue for a runcation, offering up a stunning and challenging backdrop for a run! Don’t consider yourself a runner yet? My debut race was at TSFM in 2012! As you are planning your race schedule, or working on your list of New Year’s resolutions, keep July 31st on your calendar; The San Francisco Marathon is an experience I promise you will not forget!

So, who is running with me??


Last Day to Save!

I have returned from my epic adventure/runcation in Europe! There is so much to share about my trip, and I have SO many blogs to catch up with, but for now I only have time to drop a quick line about the San Francisco Marathon! Tonight, June 14th, at 11:59 PST is the deadline to save $25 off registration for the race with my ambassador discount code. All you have to do is visit The San Francisco Marathon website and use TSFM2015JAMIE at checkout. The code is good for the full or half marathon distances, as well as the 5K.


That one time I did a photo shoot with the SF Marathon…

As of a few days ago, there were only 500 spots left in the first half marathon. The other races are estimated at 90% full, so it’s time to register! I hope to be back to blogging soon, but until then happy training!!


The San Francisco Marathon 2015 Discount Code!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been selected as an ambassador for the San Francisco Marathon. They’ve got our names up on the SF Marathon website as of yesterday, and I’m ready to do my part as an ambassador and spread the word about the race!


The San Francisco Marathon will take place July 26th. You have a choice of running the full marathon, one of the half marathons, or the 5K. The 5K is SUPER fast (hello PR! 😀 ), and beautifully scenic as the course runs along the Bay. If you are interested in the half marathon distance, you have TWO options! The first half of the race is the most hilly and challenging, but you get to see San Francisco at it’s most beautiful as you run across the Golden Gate Bridge! In the second half marathon option, aside from the later starting time (hello sleep! 😀 ), you will be treated to a loss of elevation, and an epic finish at the Bay Bridge. Lastly, the marathon course is a running tour of San Francisco: from bridges and parks, ocean waves and Edwardian windows; up and down hills, through mist and sweat, you will conquer 26.2 miles of the stunning City By The Bay!

I have run the first half marathon TWICE, and ran the full marathon last year. If you would like to hear about my own experiences, here are my race reviews!

SF Marathon, 2014

SF Marathon 1st Half, 2013

SF Marathon 1st Half, 2012

Anyone interested in taking on the challenge of San Francisco, please use my discount code for $25 off your registration fees:


I hope to see some of you there!


New Goals

Today’s Run: 3.15 miles 29 minutes

Being able to run the streets of San Francisco is amazing, yet the biggest drawback is there are stoplights about every .1 miles. This definitely affects my overall finish time with all the stops and starts throughout but I’m really happy with my 5K training run today. When I started running last year my aim was about 10 min/mile. I am running the same 3.1 mile course as last year but now I’m running in the 8.5-9 min/mile range (thank you Nike running app)! Next 5k training run I want to do it without traffic interruptions to get an accurate time.

It takes a long time to build up your long-distance running endurance, but I realized today the subtle improvements I’ve made. Last year I was so nervous I wouldn’t be able to finish a half-marathon; Now I’ve made it a new goal to not only finish a half marathon but get my finish time under 2 hours. And I actually believe I will be able to do it!