My Family of Athletes

This is a general introduction of my Bay area family, and really just an extension of my About Me page!

The Recreational Runner


BayRunner Jamie

I wasn’t a runner until I moved to San Francisco, so I truly am a Bay Runner! I grew up in Arizona and now my life is far different than it used to be.


I’m the type of person that has always been interested in everything, but I’ve never had any real direction. Right before I turned 30 I was feeling like I hadn’t taken any major steps in life-career, travel, family. I was working toward getting in to grad school, but really I felt like I was just treading water. I decided it was time to break out of my comfort zone and take some risks. Thus, I ended up moving to San Francisco!


This departure from home has made me look at my life and evaluate what it is that I really want. Ultimately, that is to be happy. And what makes me happy? To travel, to explore, to be kind and enjoy the limited time I have here with my friends and family. I still have nothing figured out, but I love my life as it is now..and I love being a runner 🙂

The Fighter



My boyfriend is a competitive mixed martial artist. He trains 6 days a week, sometimes multiple times a day, in various disciplines including Muay Thai, wrestling, boxing-with Brazilian jiu jitsu as his forte. He trains with some of the best MMA fighters in San Francisco and the US, and has traveled as far as Thailand to practice and fight with some of the best in the world.


TKO in Thailand

The amount of hard work, skill and discipline needed to become a competitive fighter is immense. He is seriously committed to training and the lifestyle of the martial arts.

His athletic credentials are far more legitimate than my own, but he is still so supportive of me. During my first marathon, he cheered me on throughout the course! We have run several half marathons together, and hopefully he will join me in running a full someday!


I get a lot of questions being the girlfriend of a fighter:

1. Q: Is it hard to watch him fight?

    A: Yes. On one hand it is really nerve-racking, on the other it is really exciting!

2. Q: Do you worry he will get hurt?

    A. Yes, of course. I don’t enjoy the thought of him taking any permanent, or life threatening damage.

    Q: Do you want him to stop?

    A: No. He leads a hard-working, full-filling life and I would never say no to someone in the pursuit of their dreams!

The Retired Athlete



In 2009, I adopted Empress “Emmi”-racing name Impress-from Arizona Adopt A Greyhound. She was raised and trained to be a be a race dog at the Phoenix Greyhound Park, but ended up in my home instead. I was told she never competed in any races because she wouldn’t leave the box at the starting line. So they retired her at the age of 2, and now spends most of her days lounging around with her stuffed animals and chewing bones.

Emmi is a quiet and reserved little lady, who much prefers life on the couch over the race track. She is a fast sprinter, but not a long-distance runner. We have run 1-2 miles together, but I don’t push her to run too far or long. I like to exercise her by taking her on adventures through the city.


The Bay area is super pet-friendly so I can take her practically everywhere-beaches, hiking trails, even bookstores and restaurants!


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