The San Francisco Marathon 2016 Race Ambassador!

I am so happy to announce that I am returning as an ambassador this year for The San Francisco Marathon! This is my FAVORITE running event, and it is such an honor to represent such a world class (and fun!) race!


TSFM will be held on July 31, 2016 and offers multiple races distances-a full marathon, TWO half marathons, a 5K and even an ULTRA marathon. As an ambassador, I am able to offer registrants a discount: Use TSFM2016JAMIE to save $10 off the full marathon or either half marathon, and TSFM2016JAMIE5K for $5 off the 5K.

I want to help motivate as many as people as possible to line up with me on race day! I personally haven’t settled on which distance I will run, but right now I am leaning toward the First Half Marathon for several reasons.

First, I ran the Second Half Marathon last year, and running the First Half this year would qualify me for the Half It All Challenge medal. Additionally, if I then participate in the Berkeley Half Marathon in November, I will have completed the SF/Berkeley Challenge, which I missed out on in 2015. So more medals=better, amIright?

Second reason: the course runs over the Golden Gate Bridge.


Need I say more?

Lastly, Irish coffee at the finish line! Yes, this IS a motivating factor for me. I found that the mix of whiskey and caffeine give sore legs at the end of a race a much needed nudge to get you where you’re going! (A celebratory brunch? A nap? Both perhaps??).

But I haven’t fully committed to this specific race just yet, as each of the distances has something to offer. For instance, the Second Half Marathon is much less hilly and faster if you are itching for a PR! I’ve participated in TSFM every year since 2012, and have a collection of race reviews for anyone interested in more details about individual events:

TSFM Second Half 2015

TSFM Full Marathon 2014

TSFM First Half 2013

TSFM First Half 2012

If you live in the Bay Area and already consider yourself a runner, this event is a must! If you do not live in the Bay Area, San Francisco is a fantastic venue for a runcation, offering up a stunning and challenging backdrop for a run! Don’t consider yourself a runner yet? My debut race was at TSFM in 2012! As you are planning your race schedule, or working on your list of New Year’s resolutions, keep July 31st on your calendar; The San Francisco Marathon is an experience I promise you will not forget!

So, who is running with me??



7 thoughts on “The San Francisco Marathon 2016 Race Ambassador!

  1. Hello,
    This is my first half marathon and I am halfway through training but I fear with the times I am clocking now with hill work, I will not be able to finish in the course limit. Are there others also who cross the 3 hour limit for the race?

    • Hi! Sorry for the delayed response, I was out of town! There are people who cross the 3 hour limit for sure. Supposedly they won’t give out medals to people who finish after the 3 hour mark-but to be honest, I know of at least one person that still received a medal at about 3:15. However! Do not fret over the hills-this was my first half marathon in 2012 and I was very concerned about finishing within the time frame as well. There are hills, but the course is plenty flat at times, and what goes up, always comes down! Good luck with training, I’m excited you chose TSFM Half for your first one!!

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