Hello Everyone!

I was JUST about to finally share my race review of the San Francisco Marathon, but something unexpected happened this week that I just can’t fail to discuss.

I live in a small residence in San Francisco that consists of three buildings-one large house with two small buildings behind. My boyfriend, Rich, and I live with our dog, Emmi, in an in-law studio in one of the smaller buildings. On Monday night, the top floor of our neighbor’s house caught fire, and the flames eventually jumped to the second story of the large house. I was at work when the fire broke, but Rich and Emmi were at home. Rich called me to tell me the news as soon as they left our house. Thankfully, everyone was able to get out of both residences safely.

There is a fire station only a block away from our home, and firefighters were able to arrive on scene and take control of the fire quickly. I arrived home from work as they were extinguishing the last of the flames. The 2-alarm fire was out in just about an hour and a half. Our street was blocked off for hours, and we all waited at a local bar for news. Little by little residents were escorted back in to their homes, but since our place was directly involved in the fire, we would not be able to remain at home. The American Red Cross was on-site and provided temporary housing to all of us displaced by the fire.

To our relief, the fire never reached our little studio, and we were allowed to return home after just one night. Sadly, the neighboring house, which serves as a senior care facility, is destroyed on the inside from fire and water. We do not have an official verdict on the future of the large house, but things look positive. I have never experienced anything like this in my life, and I still have a little anxiety left over from the events of that night, which is probably why I decided to write and publish this-it is therapeutic. I am so grateful to the San Francisco Fire Department and the American Red Cross for helping all of us that night, and for dedicating their lives and careers to aiding those in need. True heroes.

I promise to be back soon with my race review!



14 thoughts on “Fire

    • Wow that sounds terrifying for a kid to witness! It was so nerve-wracking to watch for me, I didn’t even post pictures on my blog because it is too nightmarish..thank you so much!

  1. Glad you and your family are OK. And thta everyone is safe. Fires are scary and I worry now about all.the forest fires in our area due to it being so dry. Take care and I hope writing it out helped. Hugs.

    • Thank you Kyla, I really appreciate it. Forest fires spread like the plague too, we could all use some more rain for sure. Writing did help, it is all that has been on my mind this week. I couldn’t imagine just writing a regular blog post and ignoring what happened. Thank you again

  2. Eek! So sorry this happened. I feel like there’s been a crazy rash of fires in the city lately. The complex one block from our (brand-new-to us!) house caught on fire while we were on vacation, as have several other buildings in our neighborhood. SFPD thinks at least some of them are arson, for insurance money so the owners can tear down whatever’s there & sell or build condos. Terrifying!

    • Hi Angela! There have been so many fires…that sounds so scary for you, especially while you are out of town. We were very lucky it was contained quickly, these older buildings burn like brushfire! I have heard about potential arson, which is a terrifying thought. Ours looks like an accident for sure, but let’s just say the landlord is going to take full advantage of the situation. Thankfully, our building is unattached so we should be able to stay for the time being.

    • Thank you Leslie! Oh that is so sad and scary! It’s traumatic..we were so, so lucky to have avoided any damage. The future of the main house of our residence is up in the air, I feel so terrible. But we were all safe, which is what matters!

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