Marathon Training Weeks 1 & 2

Today marks the start of my 3rd week of training for the San Francisco Marathon! I had hoped to include a weekly recap of my training, but time is just not on my side right now. The first two weeks of training were relatively productive, which included a 10 mile race. I am also getting a LOT of strength and conditioning right now as I am interning at a gym. I have never incorporated a ton of strength training while training for a race, but I’m sure it will only benefit my running.

This past Saturday I participated in a photo shoot with the San Francisco Marathon! I met up with several other runners and ambassadors, and we took pictures at various locations along the marathon race course.


Photo Credit: Scott Benbow, SF Marathon Ambassador 🙂


Behind the scenes

I’m not 100% sure when and where these photos will be put to use, but they will be used for promotional materials. I’m excited to see the official photos!

Now, I’m off for a 3 miler! I hope everyone gets a nice run in on this Marathon Monday, and congratulations to all the Boston Marathoners!



13 thoughts on “Marathon Training Weeks 1 & 2

  1. Sounds like a fun shoot and nice views! I’m hoping to run one of the SF Half Marathons; the 1st Half looks great but so hilly. Guess it will force me to do hill work this go around!

    • Hi Jess! I hope you decide to run one of the half marathons! They both have their special charms, but the first half is absolutely beautiful! If you do decided to register, use my discount code TSFM2015JAMIE for $25 off your registration. 😀

  2. Cool! Man, I’ve been wanting to do weekly recaps of my marathon training too but that has not been happening. It’s so hard to find the time!

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