RNR SF Expo, Knee Problems and Rock Climbing!

I’m in the second month of my internship as a fitness coach, and while everything is going amazingly well, I have a severe lack of free time on my hands and my poor blog has suffered! But it is time for an update as I have a lot of wonderful goings-ons!

Last Saturday afternoon I volunteered at The San Francisco Marathon booth during the Rock ‘N Roll San Francisco Half Marathon Expo.


The other race ambassadors that I met with confirmed what I already knew to be a true fact: runners are some of the nicest people ever! We had fun talking to people about the SF Marathon and wishing all of the RNR SF runners good luck. We also made it through a Dexter-ish disaster moment when the display mannequins decided to fall apart:


Torsos are creepy!

Photo Credit: Michelle LaFrance from the SF Marathon!

When we were all done, I was given two things: one will remain nameless for now (oh, the suspense!!), and a brand new pair of Salomon S-Lab X-Series running shoes! The San Francisco Marathon has asked all of the ambassadors to test out these new shoes. I haven’t run in them yet, but they are super comfortable and I’m looking forward to giving them a try!


I have not run in my new shoes yet because, well, I tweaked my left knee at my internship two weeks ago. So I rested. On Thursday I had an hour rehab session on my knee and went on a 3 mile test run on Friday. Thankfully, everything feels so much better! Which is GREAT news because training for the SF Marathon is happening NOW: there are still just over 16 weeks left to train!

I wasn’t able to run for about 9 days, but I did get some good cross-training in. My boyfriend, Rich, celebrated his 30th birthday on Tuesday and we went to Planet Granitean indoor rock climbing gym, with some friends.





This was my first time rock climbing and the gym required us to take a belay class to learn all of the ropes (see what I did there??).


First climb: Learning the ABC’s

Oddly enough, climbing did not bother my knee so I was able to participate. I have to admit, I was nervous as I got higher and higher up the walls! It took some time for me to feel safe and secure in the harness. Eventually I got the hang of it, and I had ridiculous fun!


My hardest climb


Ninja warrior


I’m going out for a longer run this weekend, and if everything goes well I will begin my 16 week marathon training camp next week!

Happy Easter!!



8 thoughts on “RNR SF Expo, Knee Problems and Rock Climbing!

  1. Hope your knee holds up for you to start training! I’m on a 16-week schedule too…but on to week 6 already! I can’t believe how fast the weeks are flying by this time around.
    Climbing looks fun 🙂 I was never very good at it though because I’m so short it was hard for me to reach between all the different handles and I was too scared to “jump” and reach haha.

    • Thank you! So far my knee is good, running doesn’t bother it thankfully! Race day always comes sooner than you think, I’m so excited for you!! It was a little scary! One of my friends is fairly short, but she was really good at just quickly propelling herself upward..I had too much fear to go fast! 😀

  2. Very cool of you to volunteer! I hope your knee gets better! Rock climbing should be a great cross training exercise! I haven’t done that since college. Need to look into that! Looks fun!

    • Thank you, my knee feels fine running thankfully..it just bothers me at other times! Rock climbing was super fun, you should definitely give it a try again! It’s nice to mix it up now and then :))

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