The San Francisco Marathon 2015 Discount Code!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been selected as an ambassador for the San Francisco Marathon. They’ve got our names up on the SF Marathon website as of yesterday, and I’m ready to do my part as an ambassador and spread the word about the race!


The San Francisco Marathon will take place July 26th. You have a choice of running the full marathon, one of the half marathons, or the 5K. The 5K is SUPER fast (hello PR! πŸ˜€ ), and beautifully scenic as the course runs along the Bay. If you are interested in the half marathon distance, you have TWO options! The first half of the race is the most hilly and challenging, but you get to see San Francisco at it’s most beautiful as you run across the Golden Gate Bridge! In the second half marathon option, aside from the later starting time (hello sleep! πŸ˜€ ), you will be treated to a loss of elevation, and an epic finish at the Bay Bridge. Lastly, the marathon course is a running tour of San Francisco: from bridges and parks, ocean waves and Edwardian windows; up and down hills, through mist and sweat, you will conquer 26.2 miles of the stunning City By The Bay!

I have run the first half marathon TWICE, and ran the full marathon last year. If you would like to hear about my own experiences, here are my race reviews!

SF Marathon, 2014

SF Marathon 1st Half, 2013

SF Marathon 1st Half, 2012

Anyone interested in taking on the challenge of San Francisco, please use my discount code for $25 off your registration fees:


I hope to see some of you there!



22 thoughts on “The San Francisco Marathon 2015 Discount Code!

  1. This sounds like a great race and I really would love to visit SF again one day! It doesn’t work for me this year, but maybe another year… What is the weather usually like that time of year out there?

    • The weather here is always relatively mild-never too cold and rarely super hot. In July it can be foggy, or bright and sunny, but the AM weather is always PERFECT for a race (50s-60s). It is an amazing event, I would recommend checking it out one day if you can!

  2. Hi Jamie! I was on the fence about doing this marathon, but saw your discount and went ahead and signed up. Thank you so much! I did the LA full in March (my 1st!) and am now getting back into the game after a couple months off. Excited! Cheers!

    • I’m so glad you decided to register! It’s a beautiful race! Congrats on your 1st full, I haven’t run LA yet but it’s definitely on my list πŸ˜€ Happy training!!

  3. Awesome! Thanks so much for the code!
    I JUST did Bay to Breakers run (craziness but fun) and fell in love with the city.
    I’m planning to fly back for this run too.
    Quick question… I’m not sure which half to run… what would you typically recommend?

    • Hi Jessica! Sorry for the late response, I was out of the country for 3 weeks! I missed Bay 2 Breakers this year, I still have yet to run it! Both of the half marathons have something different to offer. The first half is very scenic along the Bay, PLUS you get to run over the Golden Gate Bridge! It is the hillier of the two, but I think it makes the course more interesting. The second half is a much faster course (fewer hills, I believe it is a net downhill); a lot of people run the 2nd half looking for a PR. It is scenic in a different way-you start in Golden Gate Park, which is beautiful, and then tour SF through the neighborhoods. The second half runners finish with the full marathoners along the Bay, and the finish line is a bit more of a production than the first half finish. Good luck to you, which ever course you choose!

  4. My cousins are running this marathon and I was kinda bummed that the $15 MD2015 code didn’t work for me back in May. But I just googled discount code for the San Francisco Marathon and found your code!!! I am going to register now just because of you!!! This will be my first marathon ever and I’m going for the half marathon! It sounds crazy…but I’m up for the challenge! Thank you so much!

    • I am so glad you were able to use my code!! How exciting, my very first race was the first half of the SF Marathon in 2012-and that was the day a fell in love with running! The course is beautiful and challenging, I wish you good luck and hope you have as amazing of an experience as I did! πŸ˜€

  5. Me and my brother have registered for 1st SF Marathon, and we have used discount code provided by you. Thanks for sharing code and encouraging runners.

  6. Wahoo! Thank you so much for the discount code, Jamie. Thank you as well for advertising the event. This will be my first marathon experience, so I am excited for the event. I really hope to see you and all these great people there.

  7. Is there any way to still enter? It says random draw is closed? 😦 I am a student if that matters

  8. Wait oops. I was looking for the SF Nike Women’s half…would you know anything about that too? haha

    • Hi Melissa! I was not accepted in to the SF Nike Women’s 1/2 this year, from what I have read registration is closed and you can only get in now by raising money for Team in Training (which, I believe, is $2500). Also, I’m not sure where you live, but in SF Fleet Feet offers guaranteed entry if you register to train with them, but this can be pretty pricey too. In previous races, Nike has offered 2nd chance entries, but as of right now there is nothing available. Hope this helps!

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