The San Francisco Marathon Ambassador 2015


Last week I received some FANTASTIC news: I have been selected as an ambassador for The San Francisco Marathon! I’m beyond excited and extremely honored to have been selected to represent my FAVORITE race, in my beautiful city!

The San Francisco Marathon offers multiple distances choices: A full marathon, 2 different half marathons, and a 5K. I decided thatΒ ifΒ I were selected as an ambassador, I would register for the full marathon…and that is just what I did:


So, I’m in for 2015! So the BIG question is, who is running with me this year?? πŸ˜€



24 thoughts on “The San Francisco Marathon Ambassador 2015

  1. I am. Not the full, but the 2nd half this year. I loved the 1st half despite my injury it was such a positive experience. My favorite so far, also. Everyone was so happy and supportive.

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