Back to Training, and Birthday Wine Tasting

Hi runners! I have been an absentee blogger as of late, but now that my post-holiday life has officially calmed down, I’m back to regular training once again. My mileage is still relatively low, but I’m up to running 3 times a week again. I have also been making it to yoga class, and I’ve done some strength training at the gym, so I’m happy with where I am at right now. I should be good and ready when it comes time to train for my next big race! Now for the fun stuff…


On Friday, January 16th, I celebrated my 33rd birthday! Some people dread their birthday, but I’ve always loved mine. I think it is important to celebrate your own life-it truly is a gift and I’m grateful for the chance to experience another year on this earth! Rich planned an epic birthday for me-a trip to wine country! Even though I have lived in the Bay Area for 3 1/2 years, I had yet to go wine tasting. So, we met up with a couple of friends, and took a shuttle on a tour of Sonoma County!


My partners in crime

On the shuttle, we were treated to a keg of Lagunitas Pilsner!


First drink of the day at 11:08 AM…you know where this is headed!

We stopped at a total of 4 wineries, and sampled a TON of local wines-everything from Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, dessert wines and even Port!


Bday15WineTasting Bday15WineClass

The weather was slightly dreary outside, but the fog and mist cascading over the vines and hills was absolutely stunning!


Photo shoot!

When you taste wine, you are given only a small pour. But over the course of 6 hours, the small pours add up (plus, the aforementioned Lagunitas keg PLUS we had a bottle of Cab on the shuttle!). You CAN spit or pour out the wine so as not to drink too much, but why waste wine??


Classy people do NOT waste wine

Needless to say, I was feeling pretty good by the end of the tour!


It was an amazing birthday treat and I would LOVE to go back and visit some more wineries!


The following day Rich planned a brunch with friends (including Taylor!), and then we went to see Foxcatcher (such an eerie movie btw, you won’t even recognize Steve Carell!) at the Sundance Kabuki Theater in the evening. It was definitely one of my most memorable birthdays!

In other news: I’m about to face a drastic schedule change at work and I will be working more weekends and longer, later hours. On top of that, my internship will be starting very soon. PLUS, it is time to start training for some races! In order to accomplish all of these things, I’m going to have to be a little more organized and disciplined, as my days will be longer and my free time will be reduced. I’m anxious yet excited to tackle this new chapter in my life. But there is no time for fretting-the pay off for all of the hard work will be immense! By working more, I will be able to save money for my trip with Rich to Europe in May, AND I will be gaining invaluable experience as I transition out of my life as a bartender into a new career in health and fitness!



16 thoughts on “Back to Training, and Birthday Wine Tasting

  1. Happy belated Birthday!!! Wine tasting is so much fun and you learn so much more about wine each time you go. In Sonoma, I discovered my new favorite white: Gewurztraminer! Glad you had a fun birthday!! And no, classy people do NOT waste wine 😉

    • Thank you!! I had such a blast, I learned a lot in the beginning of the tour, but truthfully by the last one I was a little loopy! 😀 Gewürztraminer was the first bottle of wine I bought when I turned 21 (can’t believe I remember that!). I agree…waste not! 🙂

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