Happy New Year! Oh, and Running Goals…

I hope everyone had a fantastic and safe New Years! I spent my final evening of 2014 bartending:


Last photo of me in 2014!

It was a crazy night at work (4PM-2:45AM!), so yesterday was a R & R day for me. I slept in and then saw Into The Woods with a friend…


I wanted to see it because I performed in the pit orchestra for the stage play when I was in high school and I never got to see the actual show. It was an adorable movie, and the cast was great!

TODAY, however, I was more productive and I set out on my first run of 2015! I ran 5 miles through The City…


…and I feel ready to resume a regular training schedule again. I would really, really like to be ready for the Oakland Running Festival Half Marathon on March 22nd as it is one of my FAVORITE events. Now that the holidays are over and my life has calmed down somewhat, I should have plenty of time (12 weeks of training!) to prepare.

Like every new year, I can’t help but feel like a new chapter of my life is starting! The date change is merely symbolic, but it is a great starting point to refresh your life and set new goals for yourself. I’ve never officially made New Years resolutions, but every year at this time I like to make a few running goals.

Last year I had a long list of goals I published on my blog, and I did achieve many of them-including goal numero uno: break 2 hours in the half marathon! I also thought I could potentially run one race a month, but my schedule (work whaat?) and bank account wouldn’t allow for it. So! This year I’m going to keep things a little more simple.

Goal #1: Beat 4:39:01 at the San Francisco Marathon

Goal #2: Break 1:55 in a half marathon

Goal #3: Run a race while Rich and I are in Europe (potentially the Cork Half Marathon on June 1st)

Goal #4: Run my first trail race!

There you have it, my 2015 running goals!

What are YOUR running goals for the New Year??



16 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Oh, and Running Goals…

  1. Yes to keeping it simple! My first half marathon of the year is the day before yours (March 21). And I’m jealous that you get to run a race in Ireland. I moved away before I started running.

  2. Gahh I want to run the Oakland Running Festival! I’m doing the San Diego Half on March 8th though, so the timing doesn’t really work out. Maybe next year! Happy New Years 🙂

  3. Great goals for 2015! I’m hoping to run a half marathon under 2:10 and to run another full this year. How fun to run a race in Europe!!

  4. Wow, Cork! I will be in Dublin (opposite side, but I love Cork, too) in August. My husband is from Dublin, Ireland. I always wanted to do the London 10k. I must look at that date on that. But, we might head to Scotland for a few days too. I want to try and find something to run in over there as well. My husband is doing the San Francisco 2nd half with me this year (his first 13.1) even though he’s got a knack for running and could do well I am sure. He wants to run it with me and cross the finish with me. My goal is still 3 hours… Poor guy ha ha. I love your goals! Here’s to 2015!!!

    • How fun!! Have you been to Ireland before?? I would like to see Scotland too, but I think we will hit London for a couple of days and then head to France and Italy. Aw that is awesome that your husband will run the SF 1/2! I ran with my boyfriend for his first half as well, it was a great experience! Thank you and Happy New Year!!

      • Hi, yes, a few times. I only go to Ireland as all his family is there. When we go to Europe that’s where it has to be as his parents are growing older. This time we are adding something new for me. I have been to London and done the highlights before, so Scotland is my choice this time. I do have family in Valencia, Spain so that is on the agenda, too. Have fun and can’t wait to hear about it.

  5. Running a race in Europe sounds awesome! I always thought I’d be too anxious about the race to enjoy myself while traveling but I’m reconsidering–what a cool way to experience a city.

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