Vegas Recap, UFC 181 and Home For the Holidays

Wow, do I have a lot to catch up on! The last couple of weeks have been insanely busy for me!



Starting on December 4th, I spent 4 nights with my boyfriend, Rich, in the great city of Las Vegas! Rich had two friends fighting on the UFC 181 card, so our trip was planned around this event. We were joined by my two best friends and their significant others, and we all had an amazing time!



Vegas has a reputation for being intolerable beyond a 2-night stay, but given the extended time we would be there, I was mindful to take it easy at times. Our days were relatively sin-free, and we kept the debauchery to the late evenings. Although I brought my running gear, I did not run on my trip as I had intended. Let me just say Champagne+Irish Car Bombs+Tito’s & Soda is NOT the best hydration system.

Our trip was packed with so many fun filled events I could rattle on forever, but here are the highlights:

UFC weigh-ins at Mandalay Bay…

VegasWeighInJosh VegasWeighInUrijahFaber

VegasWeighInGilbert VegasWeighInRobbieVJohnny

Dinner at Mon Ami Gabi, a steakhouse at the Paris hotel…


The BEST part about the dinner, besides the 1/2 bottle of champagne I consumed, was the view. We sat on the outside patio, which is located across the street from the Bellagio, and were treated to a water show ever 15 minutes as we dined! I would highly recommend eating here if you get the chance!

Fremont Street…


I’m not a gambler, but I decided to hit the Roulette tables, just to make it a real, authentic Vegas vacation. I was up a whole $17, and closed out. #baller

9 Fine Irishmen…

The 9 Fine Irishmen is an Irish pub in the New York-New York Hotel, and we had so much fun at this place that we went back twice!


UFC 181…

What. A. Show. This was my 3rd time seeing the UFC live, and it was by far the best I’ve seen so far!


Josh Samman vs. Eddie Gordon


Urijah Faber vs. Francisco Rivera


Gilbert Melendez vs. Anthony Pettis


Robbie Lawler vs. Johnny Hendricks

After the UFC show we had to glam up for Life Nightclub, which was the venue for Rich’s gym owner and friend Gilbert Melendez’s post-fight party.



There was no cover for us and we had free bottle service, so you can’t beat that. I also got to meet a lot of athletes in the UFC!

Sunday brunch at Bouchon…


I ordered a white sausage, egg and croissant with a cappuccino. Need I say more?




My friends, sadly, had to leave on Sunday afternoon, but Rich and I had the rest of the day to explore. We wandered the hotels, shopped, and dined throughout the city.



VegasBellagio VegasCaesarsPalace

Rich and I returned to San Francisco on Monday morning. I didn’t want my vacation to end-but it was definitely a trip I will never forget!


I spent this past Thursday thru Saturday with family and friends in Arizona! This is the first year since moving to San Francisco 3 1/2 years ago that I was able to get home for a visit around the holidays. It was a quick trip, but very productive!

On Thursday, I was able to spend time with my 2 best friends. Then, on Friday evening my mom took my brother, his family and I to see The Hobbit. On Saturday, we had an early Christmas! My mom cooked us a delicious breakfast, and then we exchanged presents by the Christmas tree.


HomeEden HomeMom HomeRyan

Mom and my nephews!


I had dinner with my dad on Saturday evening, and then returned to San Francisco later that night. It was a short trip, but it was such a nice treat to see family this year!


Someone is happy to see me home!

Rich, Emmi and I will be spending Christmas in San Francisco again this year, and I can’t wait of the day to finally be here! Have a Happy Christmas everyone!



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