Off to Vegas!

This afternoon Rich and I are headed to Las Vegas for 4 nights! Tomorrow we will be joined by my two best friends and their significant others, and on Saturday we are going to the UFC at Mandalay Bay. This week, so far, has been less than great for me-from pouring rain, a leaking ceiling, and a broken tooth-I’m ready for this weekend getaway! I’ve only run once so far this month, but I’m determined to change that! My running shoes are packed and I am hoping I can find a couple of routes to try. I realize it might be difficult to train in a place appropriately nicknamed “Sin City,” but I’m going to give it my best!

This weekend is also the North Face Endurance Challenge in Marin. I have yet to run this race because every year something comes up! I was registered for the 1/2 marathon in 2012 but the race was cancelled due to heavy rains. Last year, I was still recovering from my stress fracture scare and I wasn’t confident I could train without aggravating my injury. This year, I’m obviously in Vegas. The race is definitely on my bucket list though-one day soon I will participate. Good luck to everyone running TNFEC, and have a great weekend everybody!




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