My Thanksgiving Weekend

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I’m sure a lot of you were out there turkey-trotting bright and early on Thursday morning, but since I had to work late on Wednesday night (or shall I say, until early Thursday morning!) I had to forgo an official race and sleep a little later. But no fear! After a morning Skype date with the fam in Arizona, I made it out for a solo Thanksgiving 5K in the early afternoon!

The weather was clear and lovely this week, and I figured I could use a little practice with elevation, so I decided to take my run up, up, up the hills of Bernal Heights.


There is a difficult incline that begins at Folsom St and 26th, and I DID have to walk for a few moments…but the hill training is great and the payoff is huge once you reach the top. I was treated to some sweeping views of The City…


The second half of my Bernal Heights run was mostly downhill and I finished the with ease.


New elevation data on the Nike + app, lovin’ it

And now for the food! Planning a Thanksgiving dinner was a bit…tricky this year. The last couple of years I have gone to a Friendsgiving dinner; however, my boyfriend, Rich, is fighting this weekend (later this afternoon in fact!), and must weigh-in. During his 8 week training camp he has been on a strict, clean diet. Which meant no stuffing, no bread, no butter, no salt, no dairy and NO PIE for Thanksgiving! I mean, what is left after all those restrictions?? We stayed home for dinner this year, bur have no fear…I figured out a delicious, yet figher-friendly menu!

1. The Turkey!


For the Thanksgiving turkey, since there would only be 2 of us, we bought a small Butterball turkey breast. I patted the turkey with a little olive oil, and rubbed the meat with a mixture of thyme and fresh minced garlic. Then, I squeezed a half of a lemon on the turkey, and topped it off with ground pepper. I cooked the turkey following the directions on the label (325 degrees for 1 3/4-2 hours in a roasting pan). The turkey breast came with a packet of gravy, which I DID use for myself, but only about a tablespoon πŸ˜€

2. Roasted Cinnamon Butternut Squash


I recently cooked Butternut Squash for the first time, and decided it would be a great addition to our Thanksgiving dinner. When the turkey had just about 25 minutes left toΒ  cook, I added the prepped butternut squash (cubed and topped with a drizzle of olive oil and a few dashes of cinnamon) to the bottom of the pan, and roasted the squash for the remainder of the time the turkey was in the oven.


Cooked Turkey and Butternut Squash!

3. Roasted Garlic Cauliflower “Mashed Potatoes”

Rich was not able to eat anything wheat based or starchy, so potatoes and stuffing were out of the question. So! I substituted cauliflower for potatoes, and prepared my favorite dish of the night. I essentially followed this recipe I found on Pinterest, but eliminated the salt.

I peeled and shelled garlic cloves and covered them with foil. I placed the garlic in the oven at the same time that I added the butternut squash to the turkey roasting pan and cooked for 25 minutes.


Then, I cut up a crown of cauliflower and boiled the florets in a covered pan for 8 minutes.


After the garlic and cauliflower were both cooked, I combined them with about 1/3 of a cup of almond milk in the blender (a food processor would probably fair better, but this was a decent alternative). I lightly blended until the mixture resembled that of mashed potatoes! I served them with a few dashes of ground pepper.


And there you have it…the finished product. Everything turned out even better than I anticipated!

The next day, I decided to brave the crowds and go shopping on Black Friday for the first time ever! In truth, I just wanted to see the Christmas tree lighting in Union Square, but since there are so many stores in the vicinity I did a little shopping as well.

I pre-gamed my Black Friday adventure with coffee and food at Craftman & Wolves.


Cappuccino and the smallest $8 sandwich I’ve ever had. Welcome to San Francisco.

Then, I took BART to Union Square for a little holiday shopping at Macy’s.



Security was directing traffic through the store, and there were lines JUST to get on to the escalators-it was a packed house! The store itself was shop-able, and I picked up a few goodies from MAC.


I headed outside just around 6 PM so that I could catch the lighting of the giant Christmas tree just outside of Macy’s. Upon exiting the department store, however, I found myself trapped in a crowd of protesters (RE: the Ferguson case) and I was unable to make my way to Union Square. While I am not indifferent, the presence of riot police, whistles, sirens and an enraged crowd were alarming and I raced out of downtown. There were reports of rioting and violence just blocks away from my home as well, and I spent the rest of evening safely at home!

Now it is time for me to head to Santa Cruz for Rich’s fight! I am both excited and nervous, and I can’t wait to report on the results!



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