Still Running!

Even though I haven’t been focusing on training for any upcoming races, and I’ve admittedly been a little MIA in the blog-o-sphere, I’ve still been running! I have given myself the rest of the year off of a rigid running schedule to focus on rebuilding my base.

Thus far, Fall in San Francisco has been relatively mild. I’ve enjoyed some new scenery as the leaves are starting to change color:



And some slightly cooler air…but overall the weather has been PERFECT for running! As of right now, I am running mostly 3 and 4 milers, and my longest run since the Nike Women’s Half Marathon has been 5 miles.

FallRunning3 Fall4miles FallRunning5

Next week, I’m hoping to increase my long run to 6, and then slowly work my way back to double digits by January!

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, I’m planning a healthy holiday dinner for my boyfriend and I to enjoy. Rich is fighting 2 days after the holiday, and must weight-in on Saturday morning…which means there will be no pumpkin pies for us! I picked up a small turkey breast to roast on Thanksgiving, and I’m looking for a few other vegetable side dishes to go with the meat.

I get a lot of inspiration shopping at Trader Joe’s, which is by far my FAVORITE (and most affordable!) store in the City. They have a seasonal, rotating inventory and I always find new, fun things to try. I picked up a butternut squash and cooked it for the first time the other day-it was so simple and easy!


I cut the squash in half…


then seeded and cubed the gourd.


I drizzled just a little olive oil over the cubes, added a few sprinkles of pepper and cooked at 400 degrees for 25 minutes. It came out perfectly! We will definitely include this on our Thanksgiving menu 😀

I also found this Heirloom Spinach, which is a beautiful Fall red!




I cooked it in a pan with onions and a few other veggies. I liked the taste of the spinach, but the leaves were still attached to thick stems, so I had to pluck them before cooking. Also, the red color bleeds when warm, so be weary of staining your clothes. I may defer to another side dish. I’m considering cauliflower mashed potatoes, sans butter/salt/dairy. I’m open to any suggestions!

Lastly, I am still getting used to my new hair!


I wanted to take my hair a little darker for the Fall and Winter seasons, and the color turned out even darker than I had planned. But it is starting to grow on me as the dye fades slightly 🙂

Anyone else enjoying a butter-free, salt-free, dairy-free, 99% fat-free Thanksgiving??






9 thoughts on “Still Running!

  1. I’ll be thinking of you and Rich on Thanksgiving, and I am so grateful for such a great family. Happy Thanksgiving, from John and Nadine

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