On Sunday morning I ran the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco!


I ran this race with Miss Taylor, and we had an overall fantastic experience. This was one of my slower races to date, but also one of the hardest! As I learned from last year’s experience, Nike loves to send the ladies up in to the hills-and this year was no different. Considering we stopped for 2 bathroom breaks and walked through every water station, I think we finished in great time though!


I will work on my full race recap when I have a chance, but for now here is a peek at the gorgeous finisher necklace!





13 thoughts on “Finisher!

  1. I agree it was hard! I walked a good 75% of it so I would make it through the whole thing with my knee, but even then I only finished 2 minutes faster than the SF half super injured! This course was miserably hard in my opinion. The huge hill at mile 10 and going down all those hills was so painful! I didn’t feel the energy or camaraderie I was hoping . I am glad I did it, but won’t miss it if I never do another. Too bad. I guess I expected too much?. I will write my review tonight from the walker point of view, ha ha

    • I’m sorry your experience did not go so well! Since I ran this race last year, I wasn’t too surprised by all of the hills. If you want to try a flat, fun course in the area I would recommend the Oakland Running Festival next year. There is always a lot of course entertainment, and a great crowd!

      • I have decided I have to pick flatter courses, unless I walk . I get too beat up on the hills and I want to stay healthy enough to run. I might do it again someday with a buddy..walking. ha ha thanks for the suggestion.

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