Getting Ready for Nike!


Today I was able to pick up my bib and race swag for the Nike Women’s 1/2 Marathon! I completely forgot that there would be an early packet pick-up in San Francisco this week, but the Nike Women’s Marathon posted a reminder on their Facebook page today. I lucked out and had the evening off of work so I drove to the Nike store on Union Street in SF to grab my things. Considering over 20, 000 people are running this race, I can’t believe I’m race bib 866! The guy who helped me at packet pick-up said that I must’ve been one of the first registered. Lucky me!

In other fun news…my boyfriend, Rich, bought us round-trip plane tickets to Dublin next year!!


Home of Guinness!!

Note: I have a surprising number of pictures of Guinness in my iPhone camera roll

We will be in Europe for 3 weeks in May, and will probably select 1-2 other cites outside of Ireland to visit (I’m rooting for Paris and Rome!). It is one of my dreams to run an international race, so I also have my eye out for a good half marathon. Originally, I planned to run a full marathon in Europe-which I hope to do someday, but as this is my first trip outside of the US, I don’t want to put too much pressure on my vacation. However! I’m planning on running the San Francisco Marathon again next year, so I will have plenty of training runs while abroad. Can. Not. Wait!



19 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Nike!

  1. My sister and boyfriend have been to Dublin and loved it! I would definitely vote Paris, too. I also really want to visit London which isn’t too far from Dublin! You’ll have a great time no matter which country/cities you choose!

  2. That is so exciting! Everywhere in Europe is so close – about 2 hours from Dublin to Paris and only a little longer to Rome. Check our aerlingus and easyjet (ryanair is cheap too but they have really strict baggage limits) for cheap fares for flights in Europe. I just got back from Rome 3 weeks ago, have been to Paris a bunch of times and grew up in Dublin – let me know if you have any questions. Good luck in your race!

    • Oh interesting, we have been looking at Ryan Air but I will definitely have to check on the baggage situation. 3 weeks in Europe I may need to bring a few extra changes of clothes 😉 …and running shoes! Wow awesome, I may definitely need some more advice as we start planning more!

  3. Good luck with your run. I was lucky enough to run around San Fran on a previous work trip, over the Golden Gate Bridge and back. It was all beautiful and very cool. If you get the chance to run one of the Great Park halfs in London you definitely should! Best of luck again from Richmond in London!

    • Thank you! I love running over the bridge too, it’s so beautiful. Glad you were able to have that experience while in SF. Thanks for the suggestion, I would love to make a stop in London on our trip!

  4. Good luck in the half!! I’m running it too, and can’t wait to hit up the expo today!

    Also, so so random, but my boyfriend just bought us tickets to Ireland in May too! He got them on some crazy deal, so we spontaneously decided to go. So excited!

    • Thank you for the well wishes! I hope you had a great experience at the race, it was quite a fun weekend for me!

      That is very random about Ireland! We got an amazing deal as well…I wonder if we used the same website?? I cannot wait!

  5. Oh you definitely MUST go to Paris – it’s my favourite city in the whole world and it’s where I ran my first ever marathon.
    How about a visit to Scotland? The Edinburgh marathon festival is in May and there is a half marathon as part of that…

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