Back to Santa Cruz

I’m just about ready to head out of town for the weekend to participate in the Fashion Art Santa Cruz runway show!


I’m going to be modeling a hand-painted outfit by local Bay Area designer Ellen Brook. I’ve never done anything like this before, and it should be so fun! I have to admit, I am a little nervous. The audience is about 2000 people…which is A LOT of people. Not that I don’t have experience being in front of a large audience, but this is a whole new issue. I mean…what if I trip?!!

I’m going to try to run in Santa Cruz on Sunday morning before I come back to San Francisco, but I have to work at 4 so we will see if time allows. My running has been a little lack-luster in the last couple of weeks, so a change in scenery would be nice! I did manage a good 5 miler on Thursday…


I felt great throughout the entire run, so that is a good sign!

I got a lot of really nice encouragement from other bloggers in my post Motivation, regarding my lack of drive to run, which helped reignite something in me. The Nike Women’s Half Marathon is just a month away, and I’ve been wearing my finisher’s necklace from last year this week as a reminder of what I am training for:


Now, I’m not suggesting I’m running just for a piece of jewelry. But my experience last year was incredible, and I’m super lucky to have been selected to run this race again!

I will catch up with everyone when I return from Santa Cruz, so I wish you all a great weekend!





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