Folks, I’ve been seriously lacking in motivation lately and I need some help! It is not that I haven’t been running, I just can’t seem to get myself out the door for a good long run after the marathon. With the exception of two 8-mile runs, I’ve been enjoying running mostly 3-6 milers a few times a week. I’ve also been focusing on Pilates more, which will undoubtedly help me as a runner, but I would like to add a little more mileage to my weeks.

My lack of training interest may stem from a lot of things. Post-marathon LDR burnout or fatigue? A lack of sleep from late-night shifts? Iron deficiency? Perhaps I’m not reading enough inspirational running memes??

Runspiration1 Runspiration2 Runspiration3

I know all it really takes is just to lace up your shoes and go, but getting there has been a struggle for me. The Nike Women’s 1/2 Marathon is just 5 weeks away and I have yet to hit the double digits again (10+ miles). On the plus side, I’m miles (literally) ahead of where I was at this time last year. I had only returned to running just 7 weeks prior to the NWM after a 6 week layoff from running due to injury. I started over with 1 mile, and was able to make it to one 8 mile long run before the race day. I also finished in 2:06, which at the time was a PR.

So! Any advice?? What do you do when your motivation to run is lacking?




16 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. I just keep running and trust I’ll want to run longer later. I seem to go in phases where running seems impossible and horrible to other times when it is easier and fun again. New routes also help me, especially running to landmarks. I hope you get out of your funk soon!

  2. I am sure it is burnout. It totally happens to me after a big race! Just keep running like you are. You can maybe just do a 6,8,10 in the next 3 weekends with your regular runs during the week. That will be better than nothing and it will get you to the finish line for NWM. May not be a PR but just have a fun race?? Just an idea. I am sure your motivation will come back??!! 🙂

    • It is probably burnout, not just from running, but juggling a running schedule with work really wears on me! Thanks for the feedback, I think making it a fun, no-pressure race is my best bet 🙂

  3. I wouldn’t worry, I mean you just ran a marathon! Your running mojo will return, and it sounds like you’ve got a nice balance right now of what feels good, and maybe it’s just what your body needs. You’ll be fine for the SF Half!

  4. Probably burnout…but I think that comes with the ebb and flow of running and training. I wouldn’t overthink it or try to overanalyze it. Do you cross train? Maybe try a dance class, kickboxing, or something else fun that you enjoy other than just running. Your love for the run and pounding out those miles will come bouncing back in no time. Happy running!

  5. Running with other people helps. Keeps you accountable to others and they can provide you with inspiration. Plus, running with others is always more fun. Also, agree with change of scenery. Run off the beaten path and try to look at your running for that one day not as training, but as therapy and something that brings you joy. Sequoia Park in Oakland!

  6. I always sign up for a race. Nothing kicks my butt into gear like having that on my calendar! I am pretty much expecting to feel this way after my marathon next month, but the weather is so nice this time of year that I want to keep myself motivated!

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