Weekend Training Recap

This weekend has been super productive training-wise, especially compared to my recent post-marathon weeks! On Friday, I set out for a 6 mile run through my ‘hood in the early afternoon.


I’m not following a specific training plan right now, and I have been a little concerned about losing some of the marathon fitness I gained by training for the SF Marathon. But my cardio seems to be holding on strong!


I’m super happy with 8:51/mile

After my 6 miler, I took a Pilates Pro class at Pilates Pro Works in SF.


I have taken classical reformer Pilates here before, but the “Pro” adds a whole new dimension. The class was basically bootcamp on reformer machines. And it kicked my bootcamp. Lots of push-ups, planks, squats and repetitive strength training movements. Having just run for 6 miles outside in the sun, I was pouring sweat within the first few minutes, and I admittedly struggled through the class. I was sliding around on the reformer carriage from all the sweat, and generally felt too hot and uncomfortable. It was a great workout though, if I did that a couple times a week I would be in killer shape!

After class, I headed home to spend some quality time with the D-O-G. You see, Friday was Emmi’s 8th birthday!


We celebrated with party hats, treats and ham bones.

On Saturday morning I was up earlier than usual for a run in the Marin Headlands with Taylor and Jesse (over at Single-Tracked Mind), and a couple of their friends. Jesse took off with a friend for a much longer run, and Taylor, her friend (I’ll just call him A), and I ran 8 miles.


I’ve run trails before but it has been quite awhile, so it took a little time to get my footing on the downhill. But once I was able to establish some balance, it was mostly smooth sailing.

There is something truly special about trail running. The terrain is generally more challenging so it’s slower paced, and just being present in the journey is much more important than the finish.


With views like these, I need to get out of the city more!

There you have it, my successful weekend of training!



13 thoughts on “Weekend Training Recap

  1. I’ve run on trails before, but they are mostly flat and easy to navigate so I don’t really consider it true trail running. It’s still nice to mix it up and run on them once in a while. Happy birthday to Emmi! Her markings are so beautiful!

  2. Great weekend! That is what is so great about not having a training plan at the moment you can run and do pilates or whatever you want whenever you want!! 🙂 Trail running is great for strengthening your ankles. Those trails look awesome. Who wouldn’t want to run there?! 🙂

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