Besides Running

In the last 4 weeks, I have taken a break from following a rigorous and rigid running schedule. Marathons are hard on your body, and, from what I have read around the internets, it typically takes about 2-3 weeks to fully heal and recover. So, I’ve been taking it easy after the SF Marathon, and running just 2-3 times a week.

However, I’ve been keeping busy in other ways! Recently, I have seen 2 HUGE concerts:


On Thursday, August 14th my boyfriend, Rich, and I saw Sir Paul McCarney at Candlestick Park!  The Stick, which housed the San Francisco 49ers for 42 years AND hosted the Beatles’ final live performance, will be demolished in the very near future.


Yes, I am wearing a peacoat in the summer. It’s effing cold in the nose-bleeds

Paul’s performance was the final event at the park, making it a monumental occasion. And the 3+ hour performance did not disappoint! At 72 years young, Paul McCartney sounds as good as ever.


Live and Let Die. Rock on, Sir Paul!

Last Saturday, Rich and I headed to the Bill Graham Auditorium in San Francisco to see Jack White. Jack White happens to be my favorite performer of all time, and this was my 6th time seeing him live!


It was such an amazing and energetic show…and deafening. My ears were ringing for the rest of the night!

Later that evening, a huge earthquake struck the Bay Area. Our walls rattled and shook, but thankfully there was no damage in San Francisco. It was a different story in Napa, however, as many buildings and roads were destroyed. There were injuries, but thankfully nothing fatal. My thoughts are with you Napa Valley!

So what’s on the menu in the near future? I mean, besides running. In September, I’m going to walk the runway at 2 fashion shows! I recently met a local artist/fashion designer, and she asked if I would be interested in modeling one of her designs in the Fashion Art Santa Cruz runway show on September 20th!


A second show was added in San Jose on September 25th, so I’m going to do both. These are not your typical fashion shows. They showcase a variety of artists, and feature everything from ready-to-wear designs to wearable art pieces. Now, I’ve never I’ve had any real dreams of being a runway model, but it’s going to be a super fun opportunity! I’ve had 2 fittings so far, and I can’t share anything yet…but I will 🙂

Rich, has some exciting goings-on as well. He is a local mixed martial artist and has accepted a fight in Sacramento on October 18th!


He was supposed to fight in Santa Cruz this past spring, but his opponent pulled out the day before the actual event. So, I know he is ready to get back in to the cage!


But back to running. It is now time to get myself on a regular training schedule again. The Nike Women’s 1/2 Marathon is on October 19th, and I want to be fully prepared to take on the San Francisco hills once again!




8 thoughts on “Besides Running

  1. Paul McCartney was soo epic! I wish I was able to see Jack White – he’s also one of my favorites! Oooh lala, a fashion show? I would definitely fall over if someone tried to make me wear 4-inch stilettos on a runway!

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