Building Strength

I have fully recovered from running the SF marathon, but I haven’t completely returned to a strict training schedule. My longest run since the marathon has only been 8 miles, but I’ve seen a drastic improvement in my cardio and endurance. However, I started to feel a slight weakness in my left IT band on a 4 miler earlier this week. I haven’t done ANY strength training in weeks, so yesterday I stepped back into a Pilates studio-my first class since the Thursday before the marathon! I’m trying out a new studio with a 3-class package deal I found through LivingSocial at Pilates ProWorks:


I took a Classical Reformer Pilates class yesterday, and it was awesome! I’ve taken reformer classes before, but they can be extremely pricey, so it has been awhile. If you’ve never used a reformer machine, I took a picture of this one on display in the lobby:


No, that’s not a torture device. The flat, black seat of the reformer machine, or carriage, slides back and forth and works with adjustable resistance springs at the footboard, and resistance straps on the other end. Reformer Pilates is a lot like taking a mat Pilates class, but with resistance provided by this machine. And I LOVE it. After 3+ weeks off of strength training, I could instantly see (and feel!) a difference in my body.

This studio offers reformer Pilates, barre classes, bootcamp AND TRX. I only have 3 classes to use, but I’ve been offered a huge discounted rate for a month of unlimited classes. I’m going to try a couple out and evaluate if it is worth the investment. I’m also going to cancel my monthly membership to Fitness SF, a more traditional gym. I hardly use my membership, so I would rather invest in a place more suited for me!

Have you ever taken a reformer Pilates class? Does that machine scare you??



9 thoughts on “Building Strength

    • I would definitely recommend Pilates, it is my favorite workout! Next to running of course šŸ™‚ It is pricey, so I try to find deals on sites like Groupon, or sometimes studios will offer special introductory rates šŸ™‚

  1. I’ve never tried a reformer class but I have had several friends try it and others who are certified in it. All speak volumes about the benefits and results that come from it. Sounds like it’s time for me to join the club! Glad you are recovering nicely and hope you enjoy your classes!

  2. I got the same LivingSocial deal for Pilates ProWorks! So far I’ve taken two of the reformer classes at the Marina location and love them. Great cross training!

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