The San Francisco Marathon: Finishing Strong with a PR!

When I ran the first half of the San Francisco Marathon in 2012, I NEVER imagined that I would be able to finish the full marathon. But that is just what I did yesterday!


A little dazed, but a solid finish!

AND I PR’d with a finish time of 4:39:01, 13 minutes faster than my first (and only other) marathon! I realize this isn’t SUPER fast for many people, but so many things went right for me yesterday-I’m probably more proud of this finish than any other. I didn’t fall asleep the night of the race, so I was running completely fatigued. Iย decide to just keep a relaxed pace, unsure if I would be able to get the physical and mental drive to push myself and really race.ย Looking at my splits, I ran in the range of 9 minutes and 26 seconds per mile to 10 minutes and 21 seconds per mile for most of the course, except for when running over the congested Golden Gate Bridge, which slowed my pace to a crawl.

But I had SO many success yesterday. I NEVER hit a wall. I kept in motion for almost the entire time, except to open and eat my gels (sweaty hands wouldn’t allow me to open them while running!), and to refill my water bottle a couple of times. I’ve never been more prepared to take on hills as I was yesterday, and they didn’t give me a bother at all. I finished this beast of a course happy and proud!

I was lucky enough to get out of work today, so I’m spending the day mending my sore legs and writing a full race recap. I can’t wait to share my experience with everyone!

Congratulations to all the San Francisco Marathon racers!



36 thoughts on “The San Francisco Marathon: Finishing Strong with a PR!

  1. Congratulations on the PR! The bridge was a nightmare for me!! Too many people. I can’t wait to read your full recap.

    • Thank you! The bridge was sooo crowded, I don’t remember it being this bad before! Thanks, I just took my time and conserved my energy-and I was very thankful I did ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This is really awesome! Well done! Fast is relative – its more about how you feel you did in the end! And a PR is ALWAYS a win! Enjoy it!

    • Thank you!!! The bridge is always a little crowded, but there was a serious problem this year. Can’t complain too much though about running over the Golden Gate-it is an epic moment!

    • Thank you!! I eat quite a lot before my long runs, usually scrambled eggs, potatoes, sautรฉed veggies, avocado with a glass of milk &/or juice. I used to eat oatmeal with bananas, almonds and protein, but once I hit the higher miles (13+) it wasn’t enough so I started making a good sized breakfast and it really helped with my energy!

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