An Epic 20 Miles!


This past weekend I completed the most difficult portion of my training for the San Francisco Marathon. On Thursday, I went to Cardio Barre. On Friday, I ran 6 miles. On Saturday I ran 20 miles. Here’s how it went:



If you have been following my blog, you’ve probably heard me talk about Cardio Barre. I LOVE CARDIO BARRE! The classes incorporate basic ballet exercises with aerobics, and even a little Pilates. It is a challenging, full body workout…and super fun!



Friday’s 6 miler was easy and flat. I ran at about a 9 min/mile pace on a route that I’ve run a countless number of times.6milesCity

It was BEAUTIFUL outside!


Bay Bridge ❤

My legs were a little sore from the Cardio Barre class I took the day before, but I managed fairly well. I was also breaking in a new pair of Asics I bought on sale at Sports Basement:


They are the same model (Nimbus-15’s) as my previous shoes, but different color (pink!). They felt pretty good, but maybe just a little too tight. My older shoes are still under 400 miles, and I haven’t decided if I should wear them for the marathon or switch to the new ones. I will just have to see how my new pink shoes feel after a few more runs.



And now for the Big One: On Saturday, I completed the final ungodly long run for my marathon training camp. I repeated some of the course I’d run with Taylor the weekend before on my 18 miler. I thought it would be good for my legs to give those hills another go. I don’t know if you’ve ever run 20 miles through a big city before, but it was EPIC.

I took the most pictures in the first half of my run. I ran by City Hall:


Beautiful churches:



I saw the Golden Gate Bridge again:


A beauty, as always

The weather was clear, so I was treated to some striking views of San Fran:


…and Marin from across the Bay


At one point, I lost my way and I found myself running and hiking trails for a couple miles along the coast.



I knew I was heading in the right direction, but it took me a little while to find the roads again. But alas, I made my way out of the woods and all was well! Then, I headed toward Golden Gate Park:


I was just around the 11 mile mark when I entered the park, and I was feeling fatigued. I generally do not run the day before a long run, ESPECIALLY not a crazy long one like 20 miles. But my point in running 6 miles the day before was to practice running hills on already tired legs. I ran about 5 miles in the park and I have to admit-it was a struggle!

Once out of Golden Gate Park I realized my phone was starting to die and had to stop taking pictures! Around mile 17 I hit a huge downhill. And it HURT in my hips. Running uphill is hard, but running downhill can be torture! I had 2 miles to go once I was finally on flat ground again. After all of the hills, these last 2 miles actually felt fairly easy, and I finished with 2 of my fastest miles (9:35 min/mile). My overall pace was just over 10 min/mile, which is where I have been for all of my long training runs.

I DID IT! The hardest part of my training is over and I am SO happy! I now only have 2 weeks to taper, but I feel good about where I am at. I may not be the fastest, strongest, most bestest runner-but I’m ready for you San Francisco!






26 thoughts on “An Epic 20 Miles!

  1. Lol, that’s almost the exact route that I do for 18 miles, even starting & finishing in almost the same place! How funny. I’m running the 2nd half & it will be my first time at SFM. Good luck with your race!

    • Haha crazy!! Awesome, I hope you enjoy the race. I have run the first half twice and I’ve been really happy with my experience with the SF Marathon each time. Good luck to you as well!

  2. You definitely had an epic run – you’re amazing!! I’m gearing up for some 20+ mile training runs now too and I’m kinda psyched and nervous about doing them… in training for my first marathon last year, I never made it past 18 :/ I’ve been focusing on making my mind a lot stronger since then though so if I can channel your type of energy, I’ll be set 🙂 Good luck and all my best to you in the SF Marathon!

    • Thank you!! 18 actually isn’t bad, there are plenty of training plans that don’t recommend running 20+ miles before the race because the injury rate is so high in those distances. But I feel more confident now that I will finish! Marathons are definitely a mind game! I try to take pictures and stay as positive as possible during my long runs…if and when you hit a wall it can ROUGH if you aren’t in a good state of mind! Thank you so much!!! 🙂

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