My 16 Mile Run

Last Saturday I ran a 16 mile training run! And it was awesome. This post is a little late…but I’ll get to that.

I decided to take the starting line of my 16 miler to Golden Gate Park. I began my run on the far East end of the park and headed West toward the ocean for the first 3 miles.

Along the way I saw so many pretty flowers…


Miles16GGParkFlowers Miles16GGParkFlowers2

I set my pace at 10 minutes/mile, which I thought would be adequate for a long training run pace. It felt way too slow for me at first, but I successfully resisted the urge to start too fast and burn my legs out.

I eventually came to Ocean Beach, and ran along the highway for a couple miles:


I ran out of run-able sidewalk (or so it seemed) so I turned into a neighborhood…


…which lead me to Lake Merced in Daly City, CA


I was so shocked that I made it to the lake in a completely different city! Running marathons is serious business!

The half-way point of my run came as I curved around the southern-most point of the lake. I looped around the end of the lake, and used a bridge to cut back across the lake so I could retrace my route for the return trip.


Yay bridges!!

From there I ran back through the neighborhood and toward the ocean. When I hit the highway again, I had about 5 miles to go.


Imnotgonnalie, I was starting to get tired. FOR REALS. I snacked on mango slices and a protein pouchy-thingy, but I was hungry. And my left knee decided it would hurt for the remainder of my run. Thanks knee. But I was still sailing along steadily, averaging 10 minutes/mile. After a few miles oceanside, I could see the top of a windmill that greets you on the southwest corner of Golden Gate Park. I rejoiced that I was entering the home stretch!


My beacon of hope

For the last 3 miles of my run, I would face a gradual incline. I did not tackle any serious hills on this particular run, but ending on the uphill gradient was good practice. Or so I kept telling myself. I trailed behind a guy for awhile sporting a camelback, who was CLEARLY pushing through a long run himself. He kept trucking along up up up the the incline, and it motivated me to keep my legs moving forward. He did stop to walk at one point, though, and as I passed him I wanted to say thank you for unknowingly helping me out, but I thought that might come across as a little smug since he had stopped. Or creepy of me. So I just smiled and pushed onward.


Trying to focus on my happy place!

The last half mile or so of my run was actually mostly flat, so I was able to pick up the pace and finish strong. FINALLY, my Nike + app announced I had finished my goal of 16 miles!


I was so ecstatic and elated! At first. If you look at the map, you might notice I did not end in the exact same spot as I started. I turned down the wrong street! I felt pretty great mentally for most of the run; however, when I realized I didn’t know where I was I almost started to cry! I was so hungry, and thirsty (my water had run out) and all my snacks were in the car!

16 miles? No problem. Hunger? MENTAL ANGUISH!!

I wandered for about a half a mile until I found my car. Looking back, my knee felt a lot better after the little walk. And all of my snacks were safe and sound where I left them:



I had done it. I ran 16 miles in training for the San Francisco Marathon!

I went out later to celebrate with my boyfriend, Rich, and a friend from Arizona.


Me with said friend

We started at a dive-y bar called the Sycamore:


The bar can spell!


All hipster dive bars have ridiculous amounts of graffiti on their bathroom walls

I had some bar food and an awful glass of Prosecco, but I was really in the mood for some good wine. Friend had to leave (sad), but Rich suggested he and I try a place we’ve had on the radar for awhile-Etcetera Wine Bar.


I am so glad we did, this is now one of my new favorite places in San Francisco!


Classy and chic


With good wine!


And a Periodic Table of Wines!

After 2 glasses of SUPERB Pinot, we decided to splurge on dessert: Build-Your-Own-S’More from Luna Park. Food Network ran a special that featured these babies and I was DYING to try them out:


Did not disappoint!

I had a lovely night out after the run! However, I woke up the next day beyond fatigued. You see, the weekend before last I had the stomach flu. It went away quickly, but I was worn down most of the week and my appetite was low. I ran a couple of times during the week plus my 16 miles, and drank 3 glasses of wine on Saturday night-a rarity for me. I went to work on Sunday evening and broke out into a fever! Yup. I got sick. AGAIN. My fever lasted until Tuesday morning, but I couldn’t take any time off of work so I’ve been sleep deprived, stuffy-nosED, sneezy, no-running-or-runblogging all week.

My legs are feeling ready to take on the marathon, but internally my body is not 100%. I have a 3 day weekend (starting now! woo!) I’m going to focus focus on getting plenty of rest and the right nutrition (I realize I post pics of s’mores and wine but that’s only because they are so photogenic-I PROMISE this is not what my daily diet consists of!).

Here’s to a healthier weekend!




18 thoughts on “My 16 Mile Run

  1. You are brave running 8 miles out and back! I get so nervous about needing gels/water/bathrooms when I run long that I tend to loop more than do an out/back. I’m sorry you got sick again, you can’t catch a break! Hopefully this is it and you can get through the rest of marathon training feeling good! How much do you slow down when you do a super long run? You definitely have incredible scenery for your runs, I am kind of jealous! 🙂

    • I’m usually pretty nervous about doing long runs without a restroom nearby, but luckily Golden Gate Park is full of them…and water fountains! I felt really great that day so I decided to give it a shot and run a new route though-I’ve looped around that park many times (it’s about 7 miles) and it gets old! Thank you, I can’t believe I was sick again! So many setbacks, but I feel confident. I may not set any records but I’m going to give it my best! I slow down about a 30-60 seconds per mile, although that still tires me out 🙂

  2. I ran my 16 miles yesterday. I have realized in need to eat a much bigger breakfast so I am not starving and wanting to pass out! I am actually in SF this weekend and about to go on a run! I am excited to run some where different.

    • Yes, I have to eat a lot for breakfast! Awesome, I hope you found someone fun to run! The weather should be beautiful. It’s always nice to mix it up with a new running route

  3. I love running into different cities on long runs. So fun to explore! And I always try to find people to latch on to in order to keep running. But I never talk to them either. 🙂

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