On Saturday I was supposed to run 16 miles. On Friday, I made specific plans with who, when and where to run. I prepped my running gear and fuel…I even blogged about it. I was feeling a little out-of-sorts that day, but chalked it up to allergies. But by 9 pm I broke out into a low fever and chills. And then by 10, I starting throwing up. Ew! TMI! I had to admit defeat-I had come down with the stomach flu! So, instead of running this weekend, I did this:


Fluids, soup, Dan Brown and Netflix

Alas, my marathon training has been derailed! At least for a few days. This isn’t the first setback I’ve experienced during this training camp, and I can either pull out of the race (no!) or just handle what life has thrown at me and persevere (yes!). Luckily, my fever was gone by Saturday morning but my stomach was (and still is) wrecked. I had hoped to get a short test run in today before work, but I’ve been surviving off of broth and juice so I have nada energy. I was able to get down an egg, waffle and half a glass of chocolate milk this morning so my appetite is returning. I will have to post-pone my 16 miles until my next day off of work, which is Thursday, and hopefully by tomorrow I will be able to go for a short run. I’m so anxious to get back in the game!

I’m sure others have experienced an illness while training for a race. How did you adjust your training plan?



13 thoughts on “Derailed

  1. Oh no! I hope you’re feeling better soon, I’ve been derailed by sickness for two weeks and didn’t lose any fitness really, just took a few runs to get back to where I was.

  2. I hope you are feeling much better by now! I have not run in 8 days because of traveling and getting sick and now I think I have something going on with my right heel because it’s been hurting for 4-5 days. Very frustrating!

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