How I spent National Running Day

Sign(s) you are training for a marathon: You have Friday off of work and instead of enjoying happy hour, you are sitting at home relaxing and updating your running blog. Maybe watching reruns of Gossip Girl. 

True story.

Tonight is the eve of my 16 mile training run for the San Francisco Marathon. After a week of running, Pilates and late-night bartending shifts, I’ve decided to stay off my feet for most of the day. Truthfully, I’m also feeling a little under the weather and I’m hoping it’s just Spring allergies getting the best of me. But I am actually looking forward to the run, as I am meeting up with Taylor in the morning to get our miles in (and then we can happy hour!).

As most of you already know, Wednesday was National Running Day! To celebrate, I completed a 10 mile training run through the city. And it was a bi-otch. In a good way. I took the first leg of my run up to Bernal Heights, which is basically a mini mountain.


SF from Bernal Heights

The climb up is a steep elevation gain for about a mile straight. Great practice.

After a lap around the Heights, I headed back down and toward Mission Dolores to run some hills.


Dolores Park

I then ran toward 16th and Potrero, which is actually the last hill of the SF Marathon. I’m so lucky to be able to practice the race course any time I want! I continued on a flat out-and-back to AT&T Park…

RunDayATTPark RunDayATTPark2

and returned to that last hill for one more go.



It wasn’t a super fast run for me, I kept about a 10 min/mile pace, but it was challenging. Come race day I’m going to be ready for those hills!



10 thoughts on “How I spent National Running Day

  1. Gorgeous run! Is Dolores Park frequented by gay boys? I ask because my friend Dan posted a photo that looks similar to yours, except his had tons of gay guys on blankets in it.

    • Haha there is a large gay population in SF, as there is a diverse mix of people here. Everyone hangs out in Dolores Park because it’s one of the warmest places in the city. I would say at any given time the park is dominated by hipsters and wannabe hippies 🙂

    • Yes, it was a great 10 miles! I’m glad for that too, I had to skip my 16 miles on Saturday as I got really sick on Friday night! Such a bummer 😦 But thank you for the encouragement!

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