Home from Arizona :)


A hike in Papago Park

I spent this past weekend visiting friends and family in Arizona! I had originally planned a 15 mile run on Sunday morning, but by the time I ate breakfast and set out on my run the weather was already into the 90’s! I couldn’t handle the heat so I cut the run super short. Today is a normal rest day so I’ve decided to catch up on sleep, and then will wake up early tomorrow before work to get my 15 miles in.

After my run, I WAS able to accomplish the original goal of my trip-hosting a belated Mother’s Day brunch for my mom!


My brother and I with the Guest of Honor

We made homemade Fried Chicken and Waffles, which turned out de-LISH…


Served with fig butter from Trader Joe’s and vanilla cinnamon syrup

And I set up a wine and mimosa bar:


Grapefruit or tangerine mimosas with strawberries and dark chocolates…and Chardonnay


My brother demonstrates how to drink a mimosa: pinky up! Classy 🙂

Brunch was a success! My trip was brief, but I did get to spend some great time with my family.

I feel strong and marathon training has gone well thus far-but I’ve had to reorganize my schedule time and again to accommodate travel and work. Such is life, of course, but I want to arrive at the starting line with confidence. This was my last trip before for the race, so it will be much easier for me to stick with the training schedule as written. Also, a couple of weeks ago I decided to leave my second job. I was only working there 2 days a week, but now I will have a LOT more time for running, rest and recovery!

I’m glad to be home, and ready for the challenging weeks ahead!



10 thoughts on “Home from Arizona :)

    • I did walk around the park for awhile! My mom used to take me there when I was younger, it’s a nice little urban escape in the city..beautiful red rocks and great views of Phoenix!

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