Registered for the San Francisco Marathon!


Well, I did it! I paid the registration fee and I will be running the San Francisco Marathon on July 27th!!

I’m excited and sort-of terrified at the same time. I crashed and burned during the last 6 miles of my first marathon, and I’m hoping to be better prepared this time around. I think I will be too-I’ve built a much stronger running base, I have a better understanding of fueling and hydration (a little salt goes a long way!), and I’m just a more experienced runner in general.

What terrifies me, besides running the daunting distance of 26.2 miles, is the hills. I’ve run the first half of the race 2 years in a row, and my legs have been spent by the end. Around mile 13, the full and half split off from each other. I always wave goodbye to the full marathoners, thanking my lucky stars I’m finished! And now I will be one of them. Gulp.

There are just over 11 weeks until race day, and I still have a lot of work to do. But come July 27th, I WILL be ready for you San Francisco!


*I’m writing this on my iPhone because I’m computer-less at the moment, so if it looks or sounds bad SORRY! 😁*


34 thoughts on “Registered for the San Francisco Marathon!

  1. That’s awesome! Good Luck with the training and be sure to get a lot of hill work in so the race feels easy! Well as easy as can be with a marathon. πŸ™‚

  2. Well of course your legs are spent after a half marathon….you just raced 13.1 miles! And yes, you’ll be more spent after 26.2, but you got this!
    PS, you’re lucky you can run a summer marathon….they don’t have those in Texas (too hot).

    • Haha I guess I should clarify-the first half is the hilly part! Right before the half finish it’s constant uphill! But I think as long as I put the work in I will be ready (hopefully)! It’s practically perfect running weather in July, chilly at the start but once you warm up it’s gorgeous πŸ™‚

  3. Yeah!!! So exciting!!! I totally want to do SF!! You will do great! You live there so you can train on the course. Do lots of hills and hill repeats! You already know how the first half looks…so you know where you can take it easy and where to push it!! You will do awesome!! Here is to 11 more weeks of good hard training!!

    • Thank you for all the support! Haha I need some cheer-leading to get me through this πŸ™‚ I am VERY lucky that I can “practice” on the course its self. The final hill of the race is actually about a half a mile from my house, I run up it all of the time and try to mentally prepare for how it’s going to feel on race day. I hope you get to run SF at some point, running over the Golden Gate will take your breath away!

  4. So exciting! I am very much looking forward to reading about your training. I’m not 100% sure yet but I want to sign up for the Hartford Marathon and my training would begin at the end of June. I am more nervous for the training than the race itself. Good luck!!

    • Thank you! Oh you should!! You’ve got several half marathons under your belt, I’m sure you are ready! The training is tough though, especially when the miles start to add up, it really consumes a lot of time and energy. But the payoff is huge. it’s well worth it πŸ™‚

  5. You will do awesome! I decided I am doing the first half even if it takes me longer than 3 hours. But, I better do more hills it sounds like. Good Luck Jamie!

    • Great I’m glad to hear! The first half is really, really beautiful. I wouldn’t sell yourself short, you’ve been training for quite some time AND there is still 11 weeks left! Thank you and good luck to you as well!

  6. I think this is awesome, Jamie! It’s great to see that you respect the distance, but not so much that it terrifies you! I think it’s important to remember that you approach a marathon in a way that’s completely different from a half (in terms of training, nutrition, pacing). Therefore, saying that you were spent at the end of the half marathon only shows that you ran it well. You’ll have more miles on your legs, a complete nutrition strategy and will be running slower during the marathon – so when you get to the half way mark, you’ll just about be warmed up nicely to rev things up for the second half! πŸ˜€ Best of luck!

    • Thank you! I think “intimidated” might have been a better word than terrified πŸ˜‰ I’m really looking forward to running another marathon, I’m just intimidated by this course because the first half is the hilliest part of the course…and then there is still 13.1 more miles to go! But you are exactly right-I’ve never prepared myself for the FULL course, and by race day I should be good and ready to go!

  7. Congrats on signing up! I just signed up for my first half marathon which is the first half of your full! Do you have any advice for the hills? I have tried out about 2/3 of the course so far, but not the last 3-4 miles. I have the same feeling of being excited and terrified all at the same time:)

    • Thank you!! The first half is definitely the best part of the course, it’s so pretty! As far as hills go, there are a few tough ones, just make sure to do hillwork in training! I actually wrote about the hills when I wrote my race recap of the 2012 SF Half Marathon, which you can find under my race reviews if you want to read it. The most troublesome incline in the first half for me is between miles 11-12, which is pretty much a constant uphill. Good luck to you, if you’ve already been practicing on the course you are going to do amazing!!

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