love to run, but I think it’s always good to mix up the routine. This past week I took advantage of the beautiful spring weather we’ve been having in Northern California and hit the hiking trails! On Monday, my boyfriend, Rich, and I had a day off together-which is super rare! We decided to make the most of it and take my greyhound, Emmi, on a day hike along the Coastal Trail at Land’s End. I’ve written about this place before, but it’s a gorgeously scenic route along the coast of San Francisco.


You can see the Golden Gate Bridge!

The combination of warm sunshine and breezy ocean air was heavenly…

LandsEndMy2Favs LandsEndTrail

On Sunday, I planned another day hike with girlfriends. This time we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge…


…and hiked trails in the Marin Headlands.


View from above!


It was another gorgeous day outside, and quite an adventure. We got lost at one point, met tons of adorable dogs and even narrowly escaped a snake! Okay, so the snake was probably 10 feet away-but that’s too close for comfort for me! We ended our day with brunch at the Dipsea Cafe:


It isn’t brunch without mimosas!

I personally think hiking is GREAT cross-training. Exercise that doesn’t feel like work is the best KIND of exercise, am I right?



23 thoughts on “Cross-trailing

    • Ummm..I thought it was called the Tennessee Trail, but we were looking for the Fox Trail and Coastal trail because they supposedly lead to the Pacific Inn, where we wanted to brunch. We were kind of lost, but it was still gorgeous! I’m ready to go back and explore more 🙂

  1. It’s always fun to mix things up a bit! And this looks like a gorgeous way to mix it up – seriously, those views! Also: love following up a workout with a mimosa! 🙂

  2. Oh gosh, I miss California! Hiking is great cross training, for endurance it’s really important to just spend time on your feet – it doesn’t have to be running! And you live in the perfect place for it…!

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