9 miles in Napa Valley


Yesterday, I decided to get out of The City and drive to Napa Valley for my 9 mile long run! That’s right-wine country. You know how this is going to end, right?

I solo road-tripped from San Francisco and it took an hour and fifteen minutes to get to Napa. I had no real plan of where to run, so I spent another hour scoping out my running route. I finally found a place to park, and decided I would run toward the Silverado Trail. Even though wine country is relatively sparse, most of the space is taken up by vineyards and I couldn’t find any runner-friendly trails. So, I ended up running in bicycle lanes along side roads and highways.


There wasn’t a lot of traffic, but I used extreme caution and refrained from using headphones.

I haven’t run in Napa since the 2013 Napa Valley Marathon, and it was good to be back. Running amongst the grape vines and mountains is beautifully epic.


NapaRunVinyards NapaRunSpringFlowers

The weather was much hotter than I am used to, so I kept my pace comfortably slow for most of the run. The sun started to set during the last 2 miles of my run and I actually finished at a much faster pace than I started, so at least I ended on a high note!


I planned on grabbing a bite to eat and glass of wine in Napa before heading home, but I was bright red and completely drenched in sweat! Napa is a fancy place, full of fancy restaurants and fancy people…so I decided to spare everyone from my rancidness. I stopped at a market instead, and picked up a nice bottle of wine. I made the hour and fifteen minute drive back home, andΒ I ended my day in Napa appropriately so with a fantastic glass of wineΒ with dinner:


T-Vine Grenache..my favorite!

A successful Sunday runday, I would say πŸ™‚






25 thoughts on “9 miles in Napa Valley

      • I know it’s pretty ridiculous! But each time I’ve visited, it’s usually for something big that didn’t include wine tasting. Like I went to a huge party at the Frances Ford Coppola winery one year. And I’ve had a few special occasion dinners at fancy-shmancy restaurants. Oh and I ran a marathon, however I wanted nothing to do alcohol after. But I’ve never tasted and winery hopped!

      • Put it on your to do list lady! I’ve been to the FFC winery too! Cool place. But I liked the V Satui best – partly because it was smaller, and partly because the tastings were FREE!

      • I actually made a list earlier in the year, and wine tasting is on there! Free wine is the best wine, in my opinion πŸ™‚ Now is the time to do it too, spring and summer are beautiful in Napa πŸ™‚

  1. This is a bucket list item for me! What a gorgeous day for a run. Thanks for sharing! I would have brought home wine too πŸ™‚

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