Challenge Accepted! (I promise this is about running, not TV!)

Is anyone else still recovering from last night’s emotional roller coaster ending of  How I Met Your Mother?? Seriously though, I wasn’t a long time fan of the show and I only started watching 2 years ago. But a Netflix marathon got me hooked. I don’t like reading spoilers online so if you are behind I will just say this-beautiful ending IMO 🙂


Anywho, on to running! I wanted to talk about my April challenges. I’m in the midst of training for my second full marathon, and this time I’m determined to finish stronger than the last. I’ve taken on a few additional challenges this month as added motivation to stay on track and amp up my training.

Challenge #1: The ATWRBR


I, along with about 40 other runners and bloggers, are in the middle of the Around the World Running Blog relay. If you don’t know what this is, you can find information on Kyla’s website, Early Bird Fitness. At the beginning of the relay, I challenged myself to run 160 miles (257.4K) in the months of March and April. So far I have run 71.7 miles (115.3K), leaving 88.3 (142.1K) left to complete. With almost 5 whole weeks left in the relay, I’m right on track to meet my goal!

Challenge #2: This Chick Loves to Run

At the beginning of the year, I had hoped to try and run a race every month. I have so much going on in the month of April, I’m not going to have time to run any kind of official race. SO! What to do? I signed up for my first virtual race! Fellow blogger/Nor-Cal runner Tatjana has been raising money for Team in Training for several years now, and she created a virtual relay race to act as a fundraiser. Check out No Heels, Just Sneakers for more info. For a small donation, I signed up for a 26.2 K race, which I will complete by the end of April. I can run the miles…er kilometers…all at once or over time.  I even got a bib:

Jamie Wisto

And will receive this adorable little medal!

this chick loves to run-medal

All to benefit a good cause 🙂

Challenge #3: Planks

I’ve decided to take on a 30 day plank challenge as well! Planks are uncomfortable for me and I hate them. So naturally I avoid them at all cost. Except when the yoga teacher makes me. But then I just sweat, shake and tremble until I collapse after about 2 minutes. Obviously, my core needs some work. And a stronger core, means a stronger runner.


The challenge starts at 20 seconds on day 1 (I could do it in my sleep!) and ends with a 5 minute plank on day 30 (#@$%!). It is such a short time commitment each day and I’m looking forward to seeing my progress.

These challenges I’ve taken on are not only beneficial, but also add some fun to my training. If fitness is not fun, then it feels like a chore. And who wants to do unpaid chores?



26 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted! (I promise this is about running, not TV!)

  1. I’m still not sure how I feel about the finale. I got hooked sometime in the second season after watching one episode. I immediately went out and rented the entire first season. Sad that it’s gone.

  2. I’m also at 2 minute planks, and can’t see myself going to 5 minutes in less than a month.. looking forward to reading how it goes for you, maybe it’ll motivate me to push myself a bit more.

    • Yeah I seem to be in the minority of people who actually liked it. I know they planned and filmed the ending (or at least the kids) when the show first started and I think that was the original intended direction of the show. It was very inconstant with the last season, but I didn’t think the last season was very good so I enjoyed the conclusion 🙂

  3. Thanks for joining my virtual race “This Chick Loves To Run” (and I need to send you a new bib as Google docs wasn’t playing nicely…)! I just watched the HIMYM finale and I actually loved it which was surprising since I didn’t quite like the final season overall… Good luck on your challenges!!!!

    • Yes, I just got your email thank you! Thanks for arranging the race, I think it’s a great idea! I wasn’t thrilled with the last season either but the ending was so emotional!

    • Ha! Push-ups are my next challenge to tackle, they are so hard! I saw a “30 Day Push-Up Challenge” as well, and I don’t think I’m conditioned enough to take it on just yet!

      Thank you sooo much for the nomination!

      • I’m terrible at pushups! My form is really bad, I’d love to work on that but I find them so bleh.

        You’re welcome–looking forward to reading your responses!

  4. I watched the HIMYM finale. It was ok. I used to watch it a lot and then there was a big time where I didn’t watch it and then I have watched it on and off this season!!
    I do planks a lot…I don’t think I could do 5 minutes just because of the bored factor!! So boring!! Good luck!!

    • It started off so good and really lost it’s way over the last few years. But I still think it’s a good show and was one of the few who loved the finale! Haha I’m not sure I will make it to 5 min but we will see

  5. I love the plank challenge! I am up to a minute, I’ve done 90 seconds once and thought I was going to die. I like the idea of doing a plank every day. I wish I loved to strength train but I don’t. I know it is so important!

    • The plank challenge works for me because the commitment level is so low! But I have had to drop down to the 2 min plank challenge, I’ve decided 5 minutes is NOT going to happen in 2 weeks from now. Baby steps, right?

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