Racing against the Rain

photo 2-4

Noah’s Ark Street Art in SF

It has been raining cats and dogs this week in San Francisco. Come rain or shine, I fully intended on running 4 miles on Thursday. However, to my horror, rain water flooded our plumbing and water backed up in to the shower and toilet! I’ll spare you photos but what a disaster! This isn’t the first time I’ve had a sewer backup in my place, and the last time it took over 2 weeks for the problem to be fixed. Luckily, I was able to get a plumber out this afternoon and the issue has been neutralized for the time being.

I was feeling a lil’ antsy having to waste my time taking care of plumbing issues instead of running. But alas, this afternoon there was a break in the rain and I was able to run!

photo 3

It’s chilly outside with all of the rain and wind, but not freezing. Our daytime temperatures are topping out in the low 60’s so this was actually a warm, rain-free run. When I left the house I was initially treated to quite a lot of sunshine. The ground was relatively dry, but I did have some fun splashing in puddles…

photo 1-4

After I turned around at the half-way point I could see the sun disappearing in to the clouds…

photo 2-3

…so it was a race against the clouds and rain to get home!

In the final mile of my run I passed by a wall of street art. So naturally, the blogger in me decided it was more important to stop and take pictures than to NOT get caught in the rain:

photo 3-4

There have been artists working on this wall for awhile, and this is the first time I’ve really taken note of the finished product. I live in the Mission District in San Francisco- one of the most multi-cultural, lively and colorful neighborhoods in SF. This wall is very reflective of that nature.Β I LOVE the vibrant colors used for these birds!

FlowersArt photo 1-5

These are just a few small sections of a very large wall. My favorite was the painting of Noah’s Ark pictured at the top, I just found it appropriate for the day πŸ™‚

After my brief stint playing art connoisseur, I took off and finished my run remaining completely dry. I couldn’t have timed it better though-within 5 minutes of returning home it started to rain again!

Now that I’ve gotten to run AND take a shower in a CLEAN shower I’m ready for the weekend!




8 thoughts on “Racing against the Rain

  1. I am envious looking at these pictures. Outdoors? Running outdoors? What’s that?! NY is bitter cold right now so I’ve been trapped on the dreadmill all winter. Tomorrow we will have another snow storm!
    I’m also envious because the area you live in looks amazing. I love a place that you can enjoy walking around and continuously be visually stimulated. I’ve never been to Cali but it’s on my list of places to see.

    • We are pretty spoiled in California weather-wise. There is a huge running community, and a lot of that is because you can run outdoors year round. San Francisco is a gorgeous city-a nice mix of culture and city life with nature. You should definitely visit, Southern California and Northern California and very different but both equally amazing. I actually wanted to live in New York for the longest time, but I haven’t seen snow since I was in elementary school so I don’t know how I would fair living in it! However, I do think it’s beautiful, and it must be awesome to experience a real change in the seasons. Spring isn’t too far away!

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