My computer is out of commission at the moment so I haven’t been able to keep up on my blogging. Tonight I’m stealing my boyfriend’s laptop to get an update in, so here goes! 

Saturdays have become my designated yoga day. My favorite yoga instructor holds class only once a week on Saturday afternoons. I’ve tried taking other yoga classes at my gym, but they all fall short of awesomeness. So I’ve been making a serious effort to attend regularly.

I tend to get a little low-blood-sugary by the end of a good yoga session, so before class I stopped at the best juice spot in SF…

photo 1-3

…For some Green Energy

photo 2-2

Spinach and kale perfection

Then it was class time…

 photo 3-3

Proof I was there

I’d say the difficulty level of Saturday’s class was about medium. I don’t have a lot of strength in my arms so I struggled with a few of the more difficult upper-body poses, but I can tell my regular attendance has been making a difference. Before I left class my instructor even talked to me and said that my form is improving greatly, which was so nice to hear!

Also, I think the pre-yoga juicing helped me because I didn’t feel excessively famished.

But I was definitely hungry. So, after class I went on a dinner date with this guy:

photo 1-2

We headed over to the Castro for Pumpkin Curry and it came served in a lovely gourd:

photo 3-2

And I had tea, of course 🙂

photo 5-2

On Sunday I ran 8 miles…

photo 2

I had a hard time getting out the door initially. But it was a GORGEOUS day out so I ended up enjoying my run immensely.

photo 3

How can you not love this city?

Whenever I struggle motivating myself out the door, I always make it a point to run by the ocean…

photo 1

Immediate mood-booster

I also stopped for a minute to take pictures of these little guys:

photo 4 photo 5 photo-2

 I took Monday off as a rest day and Tuesday I ran 3 miles:


Because of rain, Wednesday ended up being a rest day. I initially scheduled today, Thursday, as a Pilates day, but since the weather report shows a break in the rain in the early afternoon I’m going to try to run. Speaking of Pilates, I bought a Groupon for The Corner Studio, a Pilates center near my house. I’ve taken classes here before and I was so excited to see they offered another deal. I like yoga but I LOVE Pilates. I practiced for years when I lived in Arizona, and I’ve decide I’m going to start seriously training again.

I’m working on my full-marathon training schedule at the moment and I’m also super excited for the Around the World Running Blog Relay, which is starting this weekend! Who else is participating? Does anyone use an iPad to blog?

At last, I’ve blogged again!



21 thoughts on “Update!

    • It’s such great supplemental training! A good teacher makes all of the difference as well. Awesome! I may have set my goal a little high too, but really if you just put your best effort in that is all that matters 🙂

    • There are so many runners here! And in winter it’s like 60 degrees so you can run year-round with little interruption. Sometimes I just get bored during yoga. My enjoyment of class depends on the teacher. Pilates tones muscles I didn’t even know were possible. I always feel so strong after a good session, it’s basically physical therapy. Just a personal preference!

  1. Awesome! I find it’s best for me not to eat a heavy meal before yoga, but a smoothie would work! Looks like some beautiful places to run. I need to get back to SF, been too long. Mmmmm pumpkin curry!

  2. I go to a PiYo class and by the end of it parts of me are shaking from the intensity of the strength required to do the moves. Lovely photos!

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