Happy Friday!

Today I kicked off my weekend with a 4 mile run through the city!


It was GORGEOUS outside today, with breezy warm air and tons of sunshine. Which means I was super hot and sweaty afterwards…So I relaxed for awhile in the hammock in my courtyard to cool off with some coconut water and and a good book…


I’m about half way through Inferno by Dan Brown right now and it’s really starting to get interesting. I love the whole Da Vinci Code/Robert Langdon book series. It’s more of a “popcorn” book (akin to the “popcorn” movie) than a literary masterpiece, and some of the writing is a lil’ bit eye-rolling; but let’s be real-I read Dante’s Inferno CliffNotes in college, and this is way more fun 😉

On another note, I just signed up for the Around the World Running Blog Relay!


Kyla, a fellow runner, came up with the idea to have a virtual relay race amongst all of us running bloggers! This will take place in March and April, so sign up soon if you want to participate!

That’s all for now! I have some running, yoga and other fun stuff planned for the weekend and I’m ready to get it started. Here’s to a Happy Friday!



8 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. Nice job on the run! I thought Inferno was somewhat of a return to form for Dan Brown. I was really disappointed in the Lost Symbol and just couldn’t get into it. But Inferno got me hooked from the beginning and held on to me pretty good. I agree they’re no literary masterpieces and are way overhyped in my opinion, but I love fiction that deals with history like that (Steve Berry as well!).

    • It actually took me awhile to get in to the Lost Symbol too, I ended up enjoying it but I put it down a bunch of times. Angels & Demons is my favorite so far! I do enjoy the fictional/historical aspect to the Dan Brown books, I will have to look in to Steve Berry…

      • I didn’t enjoy The Lost Symbol either, but I love all Dan Brown’s other books. I think Deception Point is my favorite, although I did love Angels and Demons and The DaVinci Code.

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