Post-race Recovery Update


My recovery after the Rock ‘N’ Roll Arizona half marathon has been thankfully really fast. The following day I had to catch a plane home first thing in the morning, pick up my greyhound from her doggie sitter and get to work by 4 PM. I was tired from a lack of sleep, but I haven’t been sore. I think it took longer for me to recover from the 15K I ran the previous weekend! Since the race, I’ve been running just a few 3 milers about every other day…or 2 ;). I want to keep the miles low for the remainder of this week to give my legs a break.

I’ve also been slowly working on my race review for the half marathon, but my last attempt was over a glass of delicious chocolate porter that boasted 9.2% alcohol…


Needless to say I ended up watching more basketball than writing a coherent blog post, but hey- it was my day off 😉

Lastly, I reported a few posts-ago that my dog, Emmi, had to visit the vet on an emergency visit for neck pain. The vet said she could have anything from a sore muscle to an injury in her vertebrae that would require surgery. Thankfully, after a few days of pain medication and muscle relaxers, Emmi is back to her normal playful self.


I am cute therefor I receive many gifts

(Thank you Auntie Allison)

I will be back to running (and blogging!) more consistently soon, but I hope everyone has a great week in running!



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