Return from Arizona

After a nice long weekend with family and friends in Arizona, I return to the Bay with a new half marathon PR!


On Sunday morning I ran the P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Arizona half marathon through the streets of Tempe, Scottsdale and Phoenix. My original time goal for this race was to break 2 hours, but because I was sick and had to stop running for over 2 weeks at the end of December/beginning of January, I decided to throw out any plan and try to just enjoy the race. Which I did, AND I still managed to finish in 2:04. Soooo close! It is still a half marathon PR for me (my original PR was 2:06) so how could I not be happy?? I will be working on my race review this week, but let me tell you-from the crowd support, organization, course, the sights, the sounds, the weather-this was an AMAZING race. I took a record number of pictures along the course, and I’m excited to get busy writing and share my experience!

I also returned from Arizona with an awesome runner present: one of my best friends, Allison, made a “His and Hers” medal hanger for my boyfriend and I!


How crazy adorable/thoughtful/amazing is this??

This isn’t the first homemade medal hanger I’ve been given though. My other bestie, Julie, made me one last year as well:


I’m so spoiled by my friends and their craftiness!

Now the trick is finding where exactly I want to display these! I don’t quite have enough medals yet to fill these up, but I’m planning on overloading them by the end of the year πŸ™‚

I had to jump right back in to work when I got home (like 6 hours after my plane landed yesterday morning) and unpacking, but I’m looking forward to catching up with all of my running bloggers this week!

Have the happiest of Tuesdays!



26 thoughts on “Return from Arizona

  1. YES!!!!! Nice job on the PR!! Can’t wait to hear what you think and see your pictures! The weather was good. Even though I didn’t have a great race, I still had fun!!
    I am sure with all of the races you are doing this year you will break 2!!!

    • Aw I’m sorry you didn’t have a great race! Was it the weather?? I was done around 10am, so you were probably running in the warmer part of the day. I will have to read your review, the full and half course were completely different. Even though I PR’d, I didn’t feel my absolute best-but I did have a great time too!

  2. Great job! I finished in 2:04 as well! We were probably right next to each other…or maybe not since I guess it would depend on your corral. Anyway, fantastic job. I just posted the exact same after-race picture of my husband and I taken in with the same background on my blog as well. Too funny.

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