Race Time!

It’s race time again…I’m running the Hot Chocolate 15K tomorrow morning in San Francisco!


Earlier this evening I went to the expo to pick up my bib and swag. For this race you get a fleece sweater instead of a t-shirt:


It’s so cozy! Now I could use some hot chocolate. Oh wait, I have to run 9.33 miles first?!

This will be my first time running a race shorter than a half marathon. I have no idea how I will do and I don’t really care, I want to save my legs for next Sunday when I run the RNR Arizona 1/2 marathon. This is a total fun-run and I’m looking forward to the sugar hangover afterwards!




15 thoughts on “Race Time!

      • Yeah that’s awesome! How did you feel during the race after having to take a little time off from being sick? I’m finally getting over my sickness and still worried about the time off.

      • Honestly, I was pretty tired..I ended a lot slower than I think I would under different conditions! But it’s all OK, I’m sure I will be 100% soon enough. I just don’t think I can break 2 hours next weekend when I run the RNR Half Marathon in AZ…but I have plenty more races ahead this year!

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