Back 2 Asics

I hope everyone had a great holiday! Christmas was quiet and relaxing (and warm!) in San Francisco. I’ve been sick this week (coughing, sniffling, sneezing, aching…NyQuil label stuff) so no running for a few days (boo!). I really wanted to share some of the great running gifts I received from my boyfriend, mostly notably a shiny new pair of Asics!


I’ve been running in Brooks for a few months, but ever since I started wearing them I’ve been experiencing varying degrees of shin pain. It may be completely coincidental, but I decided I wanted to go back to running in Asics. So, Rich got me the updated version of my favorite running shoes šŸ™‚

Along with a hat to run in…


Maybe later, I don’t drink when I’m sick

…and a Muscle Toothbrush


aka “The Stick”

I’ve already been using the muscle roller daily-it hurts like a beotch but it really digs deep and gets those knots out that I would generally rather pretend do not exist.

I can’t wait to take out my new shoes for a spin, but not until I am well. Alas, I have today off to stay in bed and catch up on Project Run…I mean…catch up on that one documentary about Planet Earth and learn about animals, the environment and stuff.


On one hand it’s kind of a bummer I can’t run. On the other, I value rest. We runners put our bodies through a lot, sometimes forgetting that resting and healing is actually good for us. I’ve had a small nagging pain in my lower leg that I don’t feel anymore after several days of no running. I have a half marathon to prep for on January 19th, but I’m already ahead of my training schedule. So mostly positives.


Great gift-giver and I at a wedding on Saturday

Anyone else receive some great running gifts?

Stay healthy everyone!




16 thoughts on “Back 2 Asics

  1. Nice shoes! I’m still liking my Asics GT-2000 2. My husband got me the new Garmin, my parents got me a New Balance hooded running top, and my in-laws got me a Nike waterproof running jacket! I scored big time.

  2. I’ve been really happy with my Asics, they’re good shoes. Nothing against the Brooks I had before, they seemed pretty good too, but after doing a half marathon and all its training without any injury, gotta be happy with the Asics.

  3. It’s so funny how different shoes work for different runners! Brooks pretty much cured me of my shin splints after running in New Balance. Who knows, maybe I would love another pair even more. I have The Stick and I love it although I don’t use it as much as I should because it hurts and I’m a wimp. I got mostly kitchen related gifts this year – dutch oven, kitchen aid, etc but good to cook up some running fuel! I hope you are feeling better soon – I have a cold too, I feel your pain! Glad you had a great Christmas!

    • Yeah it is…don’t get me wrong, I like my Brooks! I just know I’ve had shin problems since running in them, and when I was in Asics I was never injured. Haha I am such a wimp too! But I like the convenience of the Stick because I can sit and watch TV and roll šŸ™‚ Sounds like great Christmas presents, I could probably use a few more kitchen items myself. Feel better soon, I’m actually worse today than yesterday..ugh not sure how that happened!

  4. Have you gone to a running store where they examine how your walk, squat, run, etc. and find the right shoe for how your body moves? Changed my life! I’m now in Brooks Pure Flow 2 for 2 years now, and have been injury free. I think I found the shoes my body needs!

    • I did actually, and they put me in Brooks! The problem is, I have really small feet so they gave me a limited number of options and sizes. I’ve always thought they might even be a little too big for me. I really don’t know if the shoes had anything to do with my shin problems, but I did train for a full marathon in a comparable model of Asics and stayed injury free.

      That’s great they were able to find a shoe for you!

      • I think I’ve mentioned the same thing happened to me–a running store put me in Brooks and then I became injured for the first time. I agree that it may be completely coincidental but I am also considering going back to Asics since I ran three pain free half marathons in them. The only problem is I can’t remember the model I wore. What model are yours?

      • Yes you did! There is another blogger I recently read about with the same issue. I run in Asics Nimbus…15 is the most current model. It’s around $140-$150, not their least expensive shoe but lots of cushioning and it’s built for higher mileage.

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