Epic Weekend!

I had an event-filled, amazing, wonderful weekend…and I am absolutely exhausted! I knew ahead of time I would be too busy to run on Saturday or Sunday, so I decided to move my scheduled 10 mile run to Friday. I wasn’t super energetic heading out the door, but once I got moving I ended up having a great run.


My pace was steady throughout, and I never felt winded. The weather was amazing too. Everyone buried in ice and snow right now might resent me for this, but I was almost too warm wearing a long sleeved shirt. Last weekend I was running in 40 degrees and I was freezing; now it’s back to the lower 60’s.

San Francisco weather report, December 8th-14th


<— 44 degree high, 60 degree high—>

Ahh, it was a brutal winter but I’m glad that’s over! 😉 And now for the fun stuff! Later that evening, Rich and I went to a Christmas party held at El Nino Training Center, where he trains in MMA. We feasted on BBQ and Lagunitas- it was a perfect treat after a 10 miler. Rich recently started teaching kid’s wrestling at the gym, and he was recognized with the rest of the staff instructors.


So proud!

The gym offers mixed-martial arts classes and it’s members are a mixture of professional and amateur competitors, as well as those simply recreationally interested in training. I personally think it’s an incredible alternative to a traditional gym. I don’t know about you, but boxing sounds so much more interesting than weight repetitions.


Gilbert “El Nino” Melendez, the training center’s owner, addressing everyone

Even though there are several big-name UFC fighters at this gym, it’s an extremely friendly and welcoming environment.

I didn’t know very much about MMA before I knew Rich, but he has introduced me to this world that-from the unknowing outsider-may seem brutal; however, demanding hard work, athleticism and sportsmanship are really the heart of MMA. My boyfriend even started a blog this week at RicoBudo if you are interested in the mind of a mixed-martial artist!

I had a great time at the party, but the fatigue of 10 miles started to hit me around 11 PM- which was good, because we had to wake up early. On Saturday morning, Rich, our friend Dan and I drove to Sacramento for my first UFC show! We hit the road early to make the one hour and forty minute drive. I’m not typically a coffee drinker, but this was one of those kind of mornings.


Please make me forget I only slept 4 hours

The show started early enough that we were able to brunch before heading to the arena.


Sporting my frizzy just-fell-out-of-bed hair


I was super excited for this show! I watched a couple of documentaries to get to know some of the fighters on the card. Unfortunately, due to injury several guys I really wanted to see had to pull out. Such is the life of an athlete, all of my runners understand (can we say stress fracture anyone?) Having said that, it was an incredible day! I’ve seen smaller MMA promotions, but this is the UFC so it was big and brash (in a good way).


Court McGee vs. Ryan LaFlare*


Scott Jorgensen vs. Zach Makovsky*

The 2 main event fights ended up being the most intense of the night!


UFCFaberMcDonald UFCFaberVSMcDonald

*Urijah Faber vs. Michael McDonald


UFCJohnsonvsBenavidez UFCMainEvent

*Demetrious Johnson vs. Joseph Benavidez

It’s not always easy for me to watch people fight, and sometimes it can be quite bloody. But it was such a fun experience, I definitely want to see another UFC show!


After grabbing some dinner, we headed home for the long drive and to get a good night’s sleep before day 3 of our crazy weekend! I was able to catch about 6 or 7 hours of sleep, which was a nice treat compared to the rest of the weekend. I woke up to breakfast and tea in bed (yes I know, my boyfriend is amazing), then it was off to Oakland for a Raiders game!


Oakland Raiders Oakland Raiders Oakland Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs

We had a great day hanging out at the game, but unfortunately it was obvious before the 4th quarter that the Raiders were going to lose. We did stay to the end though, and the final score was 56-31.


What an epic weekend! I was so busy, I feel like I need another weekend to recoup! But tomorrow it’s back to work and back to another week of training. I haven’t run in 2 days, so I’m looking forward to hitting the road tomorrow. I hope everyone had a great weekend too!



8 thoughts on “Epic Weekend!

  1. This sounds like a fun (and definitely a little tiring) weekend! I’m so happy SF isn’t freezing anymore – I definitely couldn’t handle east coast temps! Love that you inspired Rich to start a blog! 🙂

  2. Wow this is so cool! I’m a massive UFC fan myself, I stayed up over here in the UK to watch that event, well worth it, Urijah Faber is one of my favourites, glad you enjoyed the show!
    I shall follow your boy’s page with interest now!

    • Awesome, the Urijah Faber fight was the best of the night for sure, it was so cool to see it live. The UFC is really growing in the UK from what I understand. I’m still new to the whole thing, I don’t know much about it or many of the fighters, but MMA is a really exciting event to watch. Thanks for checking out his blog! 🙂


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