You know, just running and PR’ing

I managed to set a new 5K PR this week!


3.11 miles in 26.22 minutes

After injuring myself over the summer, I decided to slow down my training runs to protect my legs. I think I may have been over-training and running too hard on every single run. But now that my legs are stronger, it’s time to add a lil’ speed into my training again.

And my splits:


I ran my last mile in 8 minutes. If I were to qualify for the Boston Marathon, I would have to maintain approximately this pace (or faster!) for 26.2 miles. Yikes! I salute all of you BQ’ers.


This weekend I finally watched Spirit of the Marathon. The film follows the journeys of several runners-both elite competitors and recreational runners-as they prepare for the Chicago Marathon. You learn a little history of the marathon race along the way, and can really connect with the runners-especially if you have ever trained for a big race! I thought the film started a little uncomfortable though, as it opens up with video footage of runners wobbling, hobbling and falling to the finish line. I get that they wanted to emphasize the difficulty of the marathon distance, but it isn’t a great way to set up a film to inspire. The runners themselves, however, were interesting and inspiring-it was exciting to see them to the finishΒ  line!

In other news…


The New York City Marathon opened it’s registration for the 2014 race! The NYRRs offered a cyber-Monday discount to register for the non-guaranteed entry in to the race. I put my name in the lottery for the second year in a row. I obviously didn’t get in this year, but how does the saying go? First the worst, second the best? I won’t know until late March, but maybe this will be my lucky year-fingers crossed!

Anyone else wanting to run the 2014 NYC marathon??



24 thoughts on “You know, just running and PR’ing

  1. I actually watched Spirit of the Marathon today. I completely agree with you about the beginning. Otherwise a great documentary and very inspiring. Congrats on the PR.

  2. Sounds like time off did good for you. I find it hard to do but when I do I always feel better and love my runs.
    Never heard of the movie you mentioned but now I want to check it out.
    Good luck with the NYC marathon. My friend just ran it this past Nov.

  3. YAY PR! Good run!

    As a BQ hopeful who also has to nail the 8min/mile for 26.2 – I agree that it is a hardy challenge.

    Keep up the good work in your running!

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