Happy Friday!

Is anyone else as excited for the weekend as I am?? I’ve been putting in so many late hours at work lately, I’m ready for a few days of freedom! Thankfully, my training has been on track this week. Last week I was a little off-my left knee was bothering me and my legs felt like lead on my runs. Things seem to be better now, thanks to a few extended stretching and foam-rolling sessions.


As per my 20 Rules of Marathon Training Camp, I started hill training again this week. I sort-of have a hate-hate relationship with running hills. They hurt and I don’t like them. And that’s usually because I under-train on them and then cramp up on race day. Having said that, my top 2 half marathon finish times have been on the top 2 hilliest courses of my running…career?…so imagine what I could do if I was actually prepared?

Lucky for me, San Francisco is super hilly and it’s easy to find training routes. For my first “official” hill training sesh, I kept the miles low and the pace steady. I warmed up for a half a mile, then ran up and down 2 sets of hills, twice. It was only about 2 miles total but I think it was a successful first session. If I overdo it too early, I’m going to burn my legs out.

Where did 2013 go? There are only a few weeks left in this year, and my calender is PACKED. This coming weekend is no exception: I’m running a 5K fun run with some ladies on Saturday night, and then my boyfriend is running his first solo half marathon on Sunday at the inaugural Berkeley Half Marathon! We celebrated the end of his training with ice cream atย Bi-Riteย Creamery:


He’s going to love me for posting this. Love you Rich!

Happy Friday!



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