20 Rules of Marathon Training Camp

I haven’t registered for any races in the spring yet, but I’m hoping to make the LA Marathon on March 9, 2014 my second full marathon! I’m still a little hesitant to register because I was forced to pull out of the Portland Marathon this year after injuring myself-only weeks after paying the non-refundable registration fee. However, there are 18 weeks until race day, and today is day 1 of my spring marathon training camp!

To help me keep my training on track, stay healthy and remain injury-free, I brain-stormed a list of 20 “rules” I will follow over the next 18 weeks as I prepare to run my next full marathon!


  1. Run 4-5 times a week (per training plan)
  2. Strength train
  3. Cross-train (bike, swim, elliptical)
  4. Yoga 2X’s a week
  5. Hill train once a week
  6. Speed work once a week
  7. Work on negative splits
  8. Allow walking breaks
  9. Take long runs slower
  10. Replace running shoes at 300+ miles
  11. If it hurts, R.I.C.E.
  12. Wake up by 10:30 am on run days (I’m a bartender, trust me this is not sleeping in)
  13. No caffeine after the sun goes down, herbal tea only
  14. No alcohol except on Sundays (rest days), holidays and special occasions (i.e. my birthday I WILL have a glass of pinot!)
  15. Eat as clean as possible, and keep eating out at a minimum
  16. Foam roll & ice after every run
  17. Take vitamins & fish oil every day
  18. Find new running routes
  19. Accept that I will run/feel better on some days than others
  20. Enjoy the journey; I’m doing this because I love running, not because I have to

Any suggestions of things I should add? Anyone else thinking about running the LA Marathon?

Happy training everyone!



17 thoughts on “20 Rules of Marathon Training Camp

  1. I think they all sound like great rules! So much work goes into training! But, I am finding I like the structure of it and having a goal. Good for you. And working as a bartender and having to fit all this in with night owl hours is tough! You’re definitely dedicated. GO YOU! 🙂

  2. a lot of rules- but it makes sense and I am sure you will have a great experience, wonderful body feeling and fantastic race! personally I followed a training plan for 4x running a week plus 1-2 crosstraining (in my case that was yoga). enjoy

  3. Hi, your list is great, the key for you is fast recovery, unfortunately being on your feet at work wont help. Maybe you should try wearing compression tights at work under work clothes, or better still, sleep in compression kit. Yes it sounds daft but remember R.I.C.E. (C=Compression)
    Also with your strength training, make sure its mainly core work. ie. Glutes, abdominals, obliques. Planks are great, squats and lunges are also good. Just make sure you are doing the correct technique, so many of us have poor form with these exercises which can lead to more injuries!
    By the way, hill training, yes! The more hills the better, it will make a marathon seem like a breeze in comparison……If could chuck a trail run in there instead of all road runs each week, even better! Rough, unstable ground makes the body stronger whilst reducing shock on our joints 🙂 Sorry for blabbling on, GOOD LUCK!

    • Don’t be sorry, I appreciate the time you took to babble! I have worn compression socks to work before, but haven’t thought about sleeping in anything. I foam roll and ice before bed, so I’ll give it a try too. I do need to up the amount of strength training I do. I’ve gotten better by attending yoga class, but it needs to be more regular. As far as hills, I do live in San Francisco so I have hills galore all around me! I’ve also been trying to get away from running on pavement all of the time, I injured myself over the summer and I’m sure that was a huge culprit. Thanks again for all the feedback, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

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