Nike Women’s Marathon 2013 Race Review, Part I: The Expotique

I have a lot to say about the 2013 NWM, so I’ve broken my review down in to 2 parts!

The Nike Women’s Marathon 2013 Expotique:

October 19, 2013

This was not a traditional runner’s expo but an Expotique, and appropriately named so. “Posh” is the best word I can use to describe the event.


The big, red tent was set up in Union Square in downtown San Francisco, and was open Thursday, October 17th thru Saturday October 19th. I attended on Saturday afternoon and it was a packed house. The long lines for packet pick-up looked intimidating at first, but with so many people directing the flow of traffic it turned out to be a breeze.


You better work, b*tch

After getting my race bib and pace bracelet, we were all handed goodie bags before being directed into the main tent.


Sorry bro, you unknowingly made it in to my blog

Inside there was dance-club music blaring, fancy video monitors, Paul Mitchell hair makeovers, Neutrogena facials, temporary-tattoo artists, an entire section displaying high-end Nike gear, and photo opts galore.


NWMExpoNike NWMExpoPaulMitchell


unts unts unts unts…

The displays were beautiful and stylish, but the beauty services seemed a bit unnecessary to me. To each their own though, there was a 45+ minute wait in most of these lines so someone was enjoying it. I was exhausted from a cold I was battling AND from leaving work at 3 am that morning, so perhaps in another scenario I would’ve been more receptive.

And of course there were droves of groups of women. I didn’t think it would be weird to go to the expo by myself-all I really needed was to pick up my bib-but I wandered around alone and directionless for awhile, feeling like a little bit like a kid that has no one to sit with in the lunch room. But then I found a counter where I could pick up a free pair of Nike shoe laces for using the Nike + app.



Score, I love these

I realized the method to all this madness was to just stand in line. I picked up samples of Luna bars, waited in line for a delicious protein shake from Whole Foods, and sampled various flavors of Nuun:


NWMExpoNuun NWMExpoWFPro

Everyone at these vendors were super kind and chatty, and I didn’t feel so awkwardly out of place anymore!


Next, I headed outside the expo tent to pick up my shuttle ticket ($20 for the ride back to the starting line from the finish) and bracelet for champagne at the finish line ($5).


All set!

There was also a small selection of products for sale outside, but I was already fully stocked for race day. I was more interested in the crowd I saw across the street.


Nike (Although I’m sure there were many lovely people who helped make this race happen, the Nike brand took on a life of it’s own) set up a “We Run SF” display in the window of Niketown in Union Square with every runner’s name listed. I really loved this and thought it was a special touch:

NWMExpoWeRunSF NWMExpoJamie

Suddenly, I’m eating with all the cool kids

I browsed the NWM gear inside the store hoping to find a shirt to wear to the race, but everything was picked over at this point. It was too crowded anyway and I was ready for dinner.


Dizzying-ly crowded

A friend from college (Go Devils!) contacted me because she was running the race and I was able to meet up with her for some delicious Wild Mushroom Carbs/Risotto and chamomile tea.


When I returned home, like a good runner I prepped all of my gear-I pinned my bib, set out my clothes, filled my water bottle and packed my sweats bag. Then, it finally hit me. I was running tomorrow and I was EXCITED! Which meant of course, that I would never be able to sleep!



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