Running and Relaxation

Run day:


Well I did it-I ran 7 miles on Saturday! I’m just over half way to a half marathon!


I took about a 1 minute walking break during every mile after mile 1. I felt great at first, but hit a wall around mile 4.5. I think the warmer weather this past weekend drained me. I had to mentally push myself to mile 6, but once I was close to home I was able to pick up the pace some and finish strong!

photo 2

I don’t know when the right time will be for me to work on speed again as I don’t want to re-injure myself, so for now I’m just taking all of my runs at a steady pace. The Nike Women’s Marathon is just over a week and a half away, and my goal is to just finish the half marathon and enjoy the day. I know the course is walker friendly, so I plan on run/walking to the finish. I’m going in to this knowing it will probably be a record slow finish time for me, and part of me feels disappointed/frustrated at this fact. But why?? In the grand scheme of things, my finish time is irrelevant. I’m NOT a competitive runner, I know what I AM capable of when I’m in optimal health, and when I look back I will remember the race, the course and the experience-the finish time is only one small part of a whole picture.

Rest Day:


While the heat wasn’t ideal for my run on Saturday, it made for a perfect day in Golden Gate Park. I spent my rest day on Sunday with friends at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival-a 3 day FREE music festival in San Francisco.


It was a crowded event, so we set up camp in the shade and just listened to music from the sidelines. My boyfriend, Rich, met up with me later and we watched Gogol Bordello close out the music festival, and witness one of the best sunsets I have seen in this city!




I’ve got an 8-miler planned this week, and thankfully have another long weekend to look forward to!


Happy Tuesday!



8 thoughts on “Running and Relaxation

  1. Way to go! If you’re worried about getting injured doing speed work, have you thought about doing hill work? Some consider it a beginning to speed work. And you have no shortage of hills where you live!

    • I’ve started some hill work again, but I’m really cautious about that too because it was on hills that I first noticed I was developing a problem in my left leg! But I’m slowly incorporating more hill work in my routine because I know how beneficial they are (even though I dislike running them!). And yes, I have a million hills to choose from in SF..some are downright scary!

      • haha, well take it easy! When I first started hill repeats a few years back, I didn’t know to land gently on the down hill, ended up losing a couple toenails!

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