My internet was down for a few days so I wasn’t able to update my blog, so I’m happy to finally post again!


I went ahead and bought the domain name for my blog…I feel so official now!

Friday, I’m in love

I lucked out again and had a  3 day weekend! I tend bar at night, so having a Friday evening off is almost unheard of in my industry. Whenever I do get the day off, I want to savor every minute. I woke up early for a hair appointment, followed by sandwiches with the family at Mission Picnic:


After fueling up, I went on a 6 mile run to the Embarcadero. I had intended on running 4 miles Friday and 6 on Sunday, but I just felt so great and kept on running.


This was also a test-run for my new Nathan Quickdraw water bottle that I purchased last week. I found it at Marshall’s for $12, which is awesome because they are normally like $25.


I liked it because the strap felt secure around my hand AND it holds my phone. It’s a little bulky, but I prefer this to a fuel belt. I really needed to find something for the North Face Endurance race in December because you do have to carry your own water, and I think this works well for me.

I’m still run/walking, and all of the stoplights through the city help slow my pace. I’m still trying not to over work my legs since I just started running again. I don’t feel any pain in my shin(s) when I am running, but occasionally I feel a dull sensation in my left shin after. It isn’t severe or even painful, it’s just a tight sensation. I’m now very diligent about stretching, foam rolling and icing; I’ve also started massaging my shins with a topical muscle pain relieving cream the doctor gave me.


Before I was injured, I would half hazardly stretch after a run and that was my routine. Now, I feel so pampered when I am done 🙂

Since I wasn’t bartending for someone else on Friday night, I decided to do a little for myself as a treat that evening. My boyfriend and I watched a movie at home, and because he wasn’t drinking I decided to go with something bubbly and girly, the Kir Royale.


I don’t drink often enough to justify stocking up a liquor cabinet, so I buy mini bottles at BevMo. This mini bottle of Chambord will last for probably 4 cocktails. And I used sparkling wine instead of Champagne. Really, who cares? It was still delicious and elegant:


A perfect cocktail to kick off the weekend!

Saturday, an unexpected rest day

I went to yoga class on Saturday afternoon, but it ended up being cancelled!



I did a few stretches and decided to go home. I wore sandals so there was nothing else I could really do to workout there. My gym was recently sold to a new company and there was some sort of miscommunication. We were told that there will be a teacher next week, but it may or may not be a new instructor. I really hope not because we had such a great teacher!

Sunday Runday


Today was my first hill training session in months! I’ve mostly avoided hills as I’ve healed and returned to running, but I felt like it was time to give them a try again.


It’s not hard to find hills in San Francisco!

I ran to Bernal Heights, a mini-mountain in the city. There are both roads and trails to run on, and plenty of uphill.



View of SF from the pretty!

I actually only ran 3 times this week, but I don’t feel like I’m in full training mode yet so I will take a day off if I feel any doubt in my legs. So far I’m progressing well and I’m confident I will continue to do so.

3 days off of work went by so fast! I still had the rest of the bottle of sparkling wine left over after Friday and I COULDN’T  let it go to waste, right? To celebrate the end of a nice weekend, I crafted a cocktail inspired by this awesome chocolate from World Market:


What goes together better than strawberries, chocolate and champagne?

So I turned this:


In to this!


4 strawberries, muddled

1 oz St. Germain

1-2 oz soda water

squeeze of lemon

Champagne float

strawberry, lemon twist and chocolate garnish 🙂

Cheers to running and to a great week ahead!



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  1. My yoga class was cancelled the other week too, and it was weird what happened. Some people got up and left, while others stayed and did their own routines. It was totally random, haha!

  2. Congrats on the domain name, I remember when I bought mine, I felt more “committed” to my blog.

    And well done with the hills depending on how things go this week I am going to give them a try later in the week! 🙂

    • Thanks! It definitely gives me even more pride in my blog..I really want to spruce it up more!

      I’m so not a fan of hills, but I know they are necessary for training..good luck to you!!

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