Fall Running


Happy Fall Everyone!

Fall has always been one of my favorite times of the year..it’s the start of the season for holidays, parties, celebrations and pumpkin-flavored everything. This year I have the added bonus of 2 big races to prepare for! The weather changes in the Bay area, but it stays fairly mild so you can easily train outside year round.

I was able to run 4 days this past week. I’m walking 1-2 minutes during each mile still as a precaution, whether I feel like I need to or not. There will be time for speed later, once I know I’m 100%. I’m also foam rolling and stretching before AND after running, as well as icing my shins after. I’ve developed such great habits out of fear of another running layoff!

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday

photo(2) Fall4mile Fall2mile



Saturday was my big 5 miler. It is the longest distance I have run since coming back from my injury! I was out 6 weeks so I expected my cardio to be in worse shape than it is. I took my run through the Mission District…


Graffiti Art

…all the way up to AT&T Park:

Fallbridge FallAt&t

Gorgeous weather too!

I had hoped to try some new routes this week, but wasn’t able to make it happen. My work week started out on a sour note, and I let that interfere with my plans. This week I vow to have a better week and find some new places to run!

After a nice day of running, my boyfriend and I headed out for a date night at 21st Amendment Brewery for some food and locally brewed beer.


We didn’t realize it was Oktoberfest in San Francisco this weekend, so they had some good specials and there was a wait for our table. Too bad for us, we had to wait in the bar and start on the beer early.


What to choose?

I started with the South Park Blonde Ale and Rich had the Fat Bavarian Hefeweizenย as we waited for our table. The Fat Bevarian was so good, it tasted like bananas!


Hopefully full of potassium!

We had another round at our table along with some delicious food:


My fav of the night: goat cheese plate


Round 2 I tried the Oktoberfest; loved the German beer mug

Now that I’m fully carbed-up, I’m looking forward to another 4 days of running this week!




16 thoughts on “Fall Running

  1. Running and beer is the perfect combination. I’m also back to icing after every run–my shins have good and bad days. I need to remember to keep going it even when my shins feel good every day.

  2. Ah, haven’t been to 21st Amendment since beer week in February! I’ve heard the food’s gotten better…..It was not that great the last time. At least the beer was good.

  3. SF autumn is even more mild than the rest of the Bay Area’s autumn. It may reach 80 degrees a few days next month! Haven’t been to 21st Amendment in quite some time. Soma has a new beer bar, Blueprint Taproom, that I’m dying to try!

    • I’m seriously enjoying the weather right now! It rained Saturday morning so I thought the temps were going to drop but it’s been really so nice. I just looked up that bar and it looks awesome, thanks for the tip! There are so many local breweries I still need to visit. I LOVE Lagunitas and I really want to make a trip out to Petaluma!

  4. I am loving the fall running as well! I’m glad to see your injury is healing well and running is going smoothly! Hope it stays that way! I found cross training and yoga to be a huge help in recovering from my shin splits. And compression sleeves. I won’t run without them anymore!

    • Thanks! Everything seems to be good so far. I think I spend more time stretching, strengthening, foam rolling and icing than I even do running right now! Seems to work ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love my compression socks too! And they come in so many fun colors ๐Ÿ˜‰

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