Weekend Recap


I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know I did. Saturday was a “rest” day from training so my boyfriend and I took my dog to Crissy Field for a long late-afternoon walk. It was sunny and clear, but a little chilly and so windy!


There was sand blowing everywhere so we took our walk to the Palace of Fine Arts, which is a beautiful structure in the Marina District of San Francisco.


PalaceWater PalaceSwans

The water around the Palace serves as a wildlife preserve for birds, turtles and other animals. We saw these pretty swans, but they were in the parking lot instead of the lake!


Emmi acting like a tourist

After the walk it was time for some grub and beer at the Dolores Park Cafe.


DoloresParkCafeEmmi DoloresParkFood

Sorry Emmi, no beer for you

I’d say my rest day was a success!



On Sunday I hit the streets again for a 3 mile run through the Mission.


I’ve been using the Nike Training Center app for supplemental training when I can’t get to yoga or Pilates at the gym. Yesterday I did a core workout, followed by a short yoga routine on a yoga app I recently downloaded:



I felt pretty good during my workout, but after being injured I’m very cautious of every sore muscle I feel. So I made sure to stretch, foam roll and ice thoroughly afterwards. My goal this week is to find some new running routes to try. I run close to home because it is convenient, but it’s mostly concrete (bad for shins) and I need to change that up.

I have a long work week ahead, but hopefully I can fit some fun in to the mix!

Happy running!



10 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Lake Merced is a favorite of mine…but it’s probably a bit of a drive for you, but it’s a nice 4 mile loop. GGP is also probably a good option, but I’ve only ever ran through it during last year’s NWM. And of course, Crissy Field and the Marina area is always a nice run too =)

    • I’ve run Lake Merced and Golden Gate Park and I love both. I haven’t run in the Marina, but I always see runners along Crissy field. Plus, you can’t beat the view of the Golden Gate! Thanks for the suggestions!!

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