The First Step

Believe it or not, one can survive without running! Yeah, I know I was shocked too-but I think I’m going to pull through. Or at least my prognosis is looking good. But now it’s time to get back to business. Yesterday I took the plunge and ran my very first mile in 6 whole weeks!


Treadmill stats

I actually walked for 4 minutes and ran the rest at a 9-10 min/mile pace. I am easing back in to training after an injury, so I know I need to be taking it slow and steady. I chose to run on a treadmill for this first run because of the softer surface. I prefer not to run indoors, but it really wasn’t bad at all. I’m mostly disappointed I don’t get credit for the mileage on my Nike+ app (I can’t let my boyfriend get ahead of me!).

I thought it would be smart to strengthen and stretch thoroughly so I took a yoga class right after the run. This was ultimately a test to see if my leg is ready to handle impact again. I felt no pain during the run or after, and am still pain-free today! I was worried starting back up again I would have lost all of my cardio fitness, but truthfully I felt energetic and like I could easily have kept going.

View From the Sideline

Not being able to run wasn’t completely terrible. During my time off I was able to incorporate some great cross-training in to my fitness regime that will only benefit me in the long run (ha! get it?). I’ve also managed to get rid of those awkward runner tan lines (compression socks and shorts leave an unflattering leg tan) so I’m back to being at least uniformly pale.

The more difficult part for me was keeping my mind motivated and occupied. The solution was to just get up and get out! This past week I kept myself pretty busy. One evening my boyfriend and I took a date-night walk down by the Bay. The Bay Bridge was looking pretty as always!


Last weekend there was also a food festival in my neighborhood. I woke up to loud music and party sounds so I decided that was my cue to get out bed!


San Francisco likes to party and eat-and I’m OK with that!

Exercising the Mind

I’ve been thinking of more concrete running goals I want to set for myself besides my go-to “just finish” the race. That will always be my ultimate goal-to finish, enjoy, and be proud of my accomplishment. But since I’ve demonstrate I can run a marathon or half marathon, how would I like to proceed from there? So, I’ve started updating the Running Goals section of my blog.

Training Resumes!

I cancelled my plans to run the Portland Marathon in October, but I still have 2 more races in 2013!


October 20th is the Nike Women’s Marathon and I will be running the half! I’ve run the San Francisco Half Marathon twice now, but I’m excited to try a different race in my beautiful city! I’m going in to this event with the mindset that this is a fun-run. I have 8 weeks to train and I will probably be able to run/walk the course by then-but I’m definitely not going to be setting any speed records.


December 8th is The North Face Endurance Challenge half marathon and this will be my first trail race! This event is the one I’m actually most excited for. I’ve trained on trails before, and it definitely adds a whole new dimension to the enjoyment of running. Long distance runners already test themselves with distance; this race goes a step further with unsteady terrain and crazy elevation changes. Bring it.

Even though I’ve only run 1 mile in 6 weeks, the appreciation I have for every little step of that short 11 minutes of my life is immense. It feels good to be back!

Happy Sunday!



9 thoughts on “The First Step

  1. welcome back! my goal is to get to under 2 for a half too…but not likely with the NWSF, given i’m still rehabbing my ITBS/hips. hopefully I’m not making it worse by running the Ragnar Relay one month before!

  2. You can get credit on your Nike+ app. Just select indoors rather than outdoors before you run. The mileage is generally off but you can calibrate your run to exactly what it says on the treadmill so you have an accurate record. It’s great!

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