Green Light

It turns out I do NOT have a stress fracture!


But I do get to wear some fancy sports tape!

I stopped running almost 6 weeks ago after experiencing some serious shin pain in my left leg. I decided to err on the side of caution and stop running because I was worried I had developed a stress fracture. I was able to confirm with a doctor this week that I have no structural damage to my bones, and the pain I have been experiencing is muscle/soft tissue damage. I was given the green light today so this coming week I will be able to start training again. Music to my ears!

Happy Friday!!



9 thoughts on “Green Light

  1. This reminds me of me, but I am only resting for four days and I hope that fixes it. I only have the shin pain while running. Were you experiencing your shin pain all the time?

    • It was mostly only when running. When I tried to run it burned at the start then dulled later. I was able to run 10 miles with no real problem, but the pain flared up the next day. I could feel a dull ache in my leg though for the first 2 1/2 weeks I didn’t run. Which is why I thought it might be a stress fracture rather than shin splints. Rest and ice and then go from there. I may have overreacted, but it was more for my own piece of mind. And I didn’t have health insurance so I had to wait to see a doctor!

  2. awesome! and i love KT tape…could be all placebo, but i feel like it helps =) now if i could get rid of this “tightness” that i feel in my left leg when I’ve been running lately…but that could be all in my head too hehe.

  3. Youtube foot strengthening exercises and lower leg strengthening exercises. Should help build up the muscles that were weak that caused the pains.

  4. Yay! Great news! It must feel great to be able to pull your trainers on again- looking forward to hearing how it goes 🙂

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