T-Rexing: Just don’t do it

What is T-Rexing?

A former cross-country runner friend of mine informed me of this condition that happens to runners during a particularly grueling or uncomfortable race or run: you become so fatigued that your form buckles and creates an unflattering pose remnant of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and their laughably disproportionate arms:


They’re just not practical.

It’s even worse when marathonfoto (the bane of my running existence) captures the moment on film:


It doesn’t help that my boyfriend is channeling Rocky in this photo juxtaposed to my T-Rexing

If you click on the photo, you can see how truly terrible this picture is. It’s worse than all of my bad high school photos combined.

Lesson: Even if you feel terrible-arms at the heart, head held high and grin and bear it. Or you could end up looking like this. Save silly looking dinosaurs for documentaries and memes:


My personal fav

Thanks for listening and happy Sunday!



14 thoughts on “T-Rexing: Just don’t do it

  1. Ha! This made me laugh! I’ve yet to find a flattering race pic of me…. every time I see one like this, I’ll now think T-rex! Lol!

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